Fake Court Fake Trial

FAKE Court FAKE Trial - False Committal Hearing at Barnet County Exposed

Law Student Keeda Wood being subjected to Fraud Upon The Court - Committal Hearing in the Civil Court. After her child was stolen on a false "Court Order", here she successfully smashes another attempt to commit her to prison and deportation, on a proven fabricated "CASE".

This racketeering is run by a proven violent pedo-sexual gang of public officials, in which Child Protection Officers, PC Christopher Maitland of Barnet Police and Stephan Cadek have been jailed for child sexual offences. This SCAM is being used to steal children for the trafficking industry, lock up parents who question the documents and proceedings and MUST stop.

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Award Winning Accountant and Financial Adviser running Church Hill Finance. Enjoy Crypto Adoption and runs Charitable Campaign against Illegal Homelessness @ www.ScamBuster.TV

The Truth About Wealth - Blockchain Law
The Truth About Wealth - Blockchain Law

Award winning Accountant and Financial Adviser of Church Hill Finance, addresses the issue of irregularities in Government controlled processes, finances and legal systems. And explores solutions in the existing system, and explores the pathway to transparency, accountability and honesty. Supports charitable cause of Illegal Homelessness @ www.ScamBuster.TV

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