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I meant to write about how instrumental social media has been in my exploration of crypto. More especially on the truthful Blockchains, can't appreciate the incorruptible technology that only pairs with perfectly fitted blocks to form the chain. There's a lot who are familiar with ukspreadbetting, a popular YouTube channel that I personally have been getting information from for about 5 years now. I can truly say that most of my trading skills was from this guy. What's best of this is that the guy who presents the ukspreadbetting content is very sincere and true, you can tell just from watching his content that he is all truth and responsibilities. The other thing is that you'd expect for this kind of content to be drained by now but they keep bringing out the content. Good content.

Another interesting channel is LondonReal.... This one caught me off guard. After watching a movie on Ayahuasca that featured Brian, the presenter of LondonReal, I found that Brian was actually a trading genius. I listen to him and his Indian friend, Teeka who is now based in London saying that's he does not see the reason to not share his knowledge and information to the next guy, especially on trading. I personally really appreciate such minds. 

Talking about such minds, there's quite a few of the golden minds who are not limited to authors of trading books. Some of whom experienced much earlier market crashes and are will to challenge you for their knowledge. What do you have to lose? Learn and earn more.

YouTube is not considered social media by many but it's media nonetheless. Good media when you don't just binge watch recommended videos. A focused mind in this world is the ultimate weapon that can only get better. The type of mind we all ought to have! Olden is golden they say.


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The Trillionair Challenger

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