Trading Psychology Goes Deeper Than The Chart Dips

More trading experience updates, from a few months aho.

This one has a touch of the higher consciousness to it. A dive into thoughts, lifestyle, presentation and the surrounding. A whole digest from the gut, to the heart, brain and whole energy aspect of being


"Never come back to earth"


"Never come back to life"


"Never come back to life on earth"


Is what I found myself saying and telling my higher self as I was setting up my StormGains. While trading on the loaded StormGain account. I actually been collecting some Ethereum for a month or two that amounted to some 30$ worth so I sent them to my StormGains wallet. What follows is everything I thought was me but it indeed was not me. What this study was about is the threshold between reaction and emotion. On the astral plane is loads of the lower vibrationals, a lot of negotiations happen between the living and non physical. When the living come awake, the non physical play out the reply of the game to harness as much negative energy from the one at hand as much as possible. The truth of the matter is that it's all on repeat, now what I've observed is that it's all good. Going in trades, for wins is a definite plan, getting the losses is a chance for improvement and growth. Only when you have this outlook would you be able to use your other accounts accordingly, that's if you got other accounts.



There has been a point of amnesia that I went through a couple of times with trading. This was the reason for my diversification and love for multiple platforms. Why? Well I needed blind numbers, what this is is assets that cannot be attached to spiritually, most decentralised wallets, exchanges and platforms have the ability to host such. And this is the main reason why most people are into crypto, bending over is a definite option but if you preview much of the content put out on decentralised platforms you find that most minds on decentralised platforms are free spirited. Sure they play the game too but in a rather clean and easy way.


This is still a rough deduction of the lesson I'm learning here because I've actually asked the whole of existence to ease my next lesson because I'm tired. So when you read this, they will, will me to my next lesson. It's a beautiful state of being. I do not want to take a side and say some are evil and others not but it's all about perspective. Truth and responsibilities are the cure. Dissecting these into actionable strategies is key, which is my next approach. I am in such a hurry going nowhere because there's so many lessons in missing and steps that I'm skipping. Don't get it twisted, I'll be trading all my life. I just need to learn what it means to be a trader around people, and what it will mean being a trader on my own. I know without the many people around I surely do a cool strategical set-up, which never lasted because I never truly understood what effects people have on my energy and how my energy effect my trading and thought trend. That's an understatement because I do, I just didn't think of the non physical because they never did this before. This is because I wasn't trading, as soon as I found that my mind wasn't right for trading a few months ago. The latest trades prove that I have much detoxing and lessons to learn. I tell the universe that I'm ready for the next one. Probably a repeat of the current one in the next few days or so. The other option is the desert and I'm so yearning for it. Lol


This will be so much better animated. As the trades cleared up, I stopped that "Never come back to earth" vibe. This was the inspiration of this article. Because of the amnesia, these articles serve as reminders of the things and thoughts I forget about. I just love the whole process so much, really directing me into who and what I've always dreamed of. The whole pandemic and Israel thing all play a huge role in the set up. Plus so much more.


The only reason I'd not like to come back to earth is because of these shadows that influence that bit. Otherwise growth is the only come back, like Rihanna sings with TI, just live your life, keeping my dreams alive knowing that I put together such a beautiful mess. Following my heart, staying focus,taking the losses as lessons, awaiting the next lesson. Doing my best to stay in my lane, so much money 😂😅


As always, I got a gift for you! 

Bless up y'all





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The Trillionair Challenger

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