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"Too many things occupying my mind but it is not supposed to stop me from writing"

Not so long ago we have observed and read about Tesla pumping 1.5 billion into the bitcoin store of value. By the looks of things it seemed like Elon Musk is probably one of the most enlightened beings of this tech era in cases of balancing life in most aspects. But of course we are all human so we fail here and there. We have heard about his +3 failed launches into space, and his divorce was something too that's sort of looked upon as a failure but what is it that is expected from a self made rocket scientist? Inspired by the greatest of all time Dr Nikola Tesla himself? Of course greatness is expected from such a great mind.


In the tweetersphere, I'm not really into tweeter, I am more into crypto platforms than anything else and my life is slowly becoming one with crypto. We are facing rejections because of crypto involvements amongst other things but the goal is supreme, the goal is happiness. Anyway all those who are hating are getting exposure too so our goals are met nonetheless, we also get to know how deep our desires go as we continue to grow. As I have observed in the Cryptoworld, the minds here are something else, almost super alien, way above supernatural. The hate or lower vibes are taken as bricks to build foundations and transmuted into reasons for happiness. We are convinced that the plan behind Tesla's 1.5 billion bitcoin investments and DOGE boosts as stores of value is inspired by the reason for more future Happiness.



Elon Musk is known for his work ethics, he is asked time and time again what the secret is and the answers are almost always the same, put in the work. Yes the law of attraction works so make it work by putting in. The work needed to make the work work it's that easy like trading, one must put in the work and open trades to ensure that positions are open as per market analysis.


Its no secret that Elon Musk is a tech genius, the man is a ticket Scientist, literally. A rocket scientist who tells that a college degree is not all that important and that an MBA is a waste of time. He also says that come to Tesla and we will work with you based on your competences not qualifications. This guy has been coding so much that his son's name is like a password


"X Æ A-12"


The X is just X or maybe it's secretly the Roman numeral ten, The Æ is pronounced ash so that's something short for Ashley since it's a boy then ash, ok the A-12 is the contribution by Elon himself, he says it stands for Archangel 12..... That's deep enough to know that this guy has been through some deep programming and reprogramming. This is clearly a man of numbers and the type of guy to read the whole terms and conditions and still think there's worthy additions to the 500 page text.


The reason for Tesla's involvements into the crypto world has come after some changes due to or caused by the pandemic scam. What happened was that as people started seeing through the pandemic scam, they saw the stagnations cause by this scam and this also spelled loses for most businesses. What most smart CEOs did was to find stores of value that' are unaffected by the scam and at the same time where growing. Bitcoin over-fits the criteria. At the beginning of the lockdowns bitcoin was warming up at around within 20 K, we were all wondering if it's the 2017 repeat of the retests then fall back. Most where ready to sell but the Chad's held on tight. Admire investors pumped the BTC and noise started going around about new world orders and bankruptcy, we saw the other markets drop while cryptocurrencies had exponential growth. Right now it's been more than a double at 57K it is inevitable that we will be over 60 K by the end of this coming week. Its easy to go with the flow and think that the prices will keep riding all the way into the week. But if you have noticed the trends like we did you will have observed that late week-ends are for buyers and early weeks are for sellers. One of the many analogies behind this is that the Forex market is closed for the weekend so the Forex traders come over to crypto for the weekend to check on their last trades and set new weekly based trades, to be checked in the coming weekend. The analogy for the early week sellers is that fresh from the weekend everyone is ready for the early week corrections within the noise so everyone is almost always selling out of the weekend and set buy stops right at the sell point to catch the trend back up.



So when the price goes back up like as this week will hit 60K later, it's more gains and so this is how most crypto lovers make gains. By hodling, staking, lending/borrowing and then trade up and sell down, we get a couple of bits every day. Within a month or so, we actually just don't care about who got more than us as in tips or bigger portfolio displays. We care more about strategies and mindsets of winners who are actually not afraid of expressing themselves to the world in ways that is somewhat exposing but revealing strengths that can only be gained by exposure. When you lay yourself out bare, the bad vibes are actually afraid of the light so when you expose yourself you allow yourself to grow in the light!


That is exactly what Elon must did with the 1.5 billion bitcoin investment. Let me explain the basics of this madness.



If you don't feel like watching the very interesting 17 minute video then here's the basics. So the articles we publish actually mean something so let's do better everytime to feed the masses good and truth especially about the decentralised community. So, basically what this guy's goes to explain is that Testla gets paid for any bitcoin losses. As in the 1.5 billion BTC is counted as assets and according to the law, in case of depreciation, there is reimbursement marked as a loss on the balance statement. But any appreciations are not taxed, this is the mastermind behind the spending of Tesla's +/- 7.5 % of their worth into BTC. It's basically to keep a solid guarantee to the company's portfolio. This means that Tesla can never go bankrupt, unless there comes a flaw in the blockchain and blockchain pretty solid when it comes perfectly fitting blocks on to fitting blocks and if the block doesn't fit then the block won't chain,as easy as that!


This guy is on his way to the top and he's already tasted the golden taste of the top then he decided to build his own. Even going as far as out of space to colonise the outer space as he strongly believe that we will sometime soon implode and this will need us to be more centralised than we are at the moment. Its everything obvious and it's not that none of us see it but some of us are setting it up and some of us just won't have it so we might vacate to putter space for some meteor mining. Imagine those things have trillions of worth, when we get to mine just one meteor, give a piece to science, give some to museums and other interested parties or astrology researchers and enthusiasts.



It could be that by colonizing Mars we are really colonizing and taking resources from there to use for our earthly benefits or to build outer space living quarters.


Here are some honourable mentions on haters and lovers and moves on the Tesla Scope....



Maybe this is a hoax ...... Bill Gates seem to think Elon Musk is a neat fellow although very different from the one they all compare him to :Steve Jobs



Predictions a month ago showed that there would not be anymore Tesla left but then what we got was 1.5 billion invested into bitcoin and a plan to automate all Tesla cars to freely autopilot all over the world!



The same guy shorting Tesla stocks says we need more Elon Musk's? Ironic....



MKBHD is very respected in the tech space so this is an honourable mention.



And then instead of corporation with mercedes or BMW, Tesla decides to go take over Germany. This is a golden move that will have Tesla own bigger market shares with more value and less quantity. The mindset behind Tesla is supreme, in such a short time Tesla did so much more than these mercedes and BMW brands and all the other ones and there's more to come.


More on the progressions, there had been mentions of a correction following the 50K pass but by the looks of the bull run to 57 K, we might only drop down to slightly above 50K then rise to 60K in the coming week. If this doesn't play out then we might just chill around the 60 K resistance. This is basic analysis based on the trends inspired by the pandemic scam because it is crucial that we observe the impact of the pandemic scam on the charts and prices not only noting the increase but by the demographic effects we would note that a bit more people have more time so they spend more time online meaning that we expect more volatility and volume so less aggressive corrections like we saw at 40K, that the corrections where not as aggressive as before 20K and 10K. The pandemic scam seem to have cleared out some smog that was in the market to make it more clear and more collective as more traders and investors now get into the market to hodle, stake and truly invest for long periods of time. Unlike the fiat markets that gets so choppy you wouldn't want to watch your investment in there but the best thrive.


A slight correction for the early week then we shoot for 60K. Its been my prediction that on my birthday we will kiss the 50K and we did now I'll go a bit harder and predict the +80K before the Virgo Full moon on the 28th of February 2021. Do take note that it's still the dawn of the age of Aquarius so it's only the beginning. Jupiter is at home bringing the luck into the age of Aquarius, Saturn is ensuring that responsibilities and consequences are met, Venus takes care of the heart, Mercury is done retrograding the mind and communications so less corrections more into a clear headed mindset to really go for the goals. This is not Aquarius specific, it's for all, if we all choose to adapt and just better ourselves in this time of the very good house of Aquarius, the Air king.



This brings the moves into clear perspective, we had some lost time where we didn't quite know what we were doing. Now this paints the picture clear, Mercury is done retrograding so it's all direct flows, with the Pisces having the imaginary Neptune and the boss Sun, we might experience a bit of control rushes onwards with some good good feelings from the moo in Gemini, ♊, Mars and Uranius in Taurus is on the money with our passion and innovations so the placements are all for us. Things are getting on to the next level, we are getting stronger, wiser and ready for the big gains we have been waiting for so long on the sunny side!


The routine

Wether we like it or not part of our responsibility to ourselves is having a plan, some goals to achieve or principals to live by. This forms part of what can be adopted as our routine, over the ages its been observed that without a plan, we plan to fail so better have a plan,a routine or a goal to go for than nothing. In these times the markets and whales sort of make our routines, by following news and market flactuations we are able to slowly morph and change our routines accordingly for the most gains. Our observations of the early week shorts and later week-end buys caused our routine to upgrade a little bit. Our routine has been changing a lot throughout the whole pandemic scam lockdowns. Sometimes we just went with it, sometime we held back but when we let it go this is where it's flowed into one of the little portfolios on the KuCoin



The most that we had put into this beast is maybe a little worth over $50 of BCH and BTC some +/- $5 worth of Ethereum and some AMPL. Nothing close to where it is now, what really got it to where it is now is just patience, hodling, soft staking in the pool X, some rewards and bots.




We think the buyers mindset is rightly fitted for the cryptocurrencies market whatever the point of interest is, we believe that you cannot go wrong with the buyers mindset. This is for the most part due to the fact that the top cryptocurrencies are on the rise and none seem to be slowing down at all. If you just bought and held any top 10 cryptocurrencies for a mere $1 back in 2009 or 2010, you'd be teaching people how to get rich from experience. But now since that's not the case, we are still in luck when we are aware of the fact that some cryptocurrencies like BTC isn't even 10% into action. Projections of up to a million within the next few year is highly possible and plausible.


Again here with these KuCoin bots we observe the buyer's mindset not so much the gains because the gains are not the goal. The goal is perfection of the strategies and methods. It takes time and routine changes , in times of the flashing reds wed be tempted to sell and cash out. We fancy ourselves buyers so it gets really hard to sell. All we ever really think about is buying the losing coins at their very lowest. Why? Because a good 8/10 of these losing coins are what Warren Buffet calls the cigar butts that have just enough smoke left to boost the portfolio. Its different here because we are talking hundreds and Warren Buffet talks millions to billions but we too got to eat, like everyone else. Its up to us to device our strategies and perfect them in our own lane and get our cut of the abudance all around us.


" There is nothing that matters more than that I feel good"




We keep our affirmations close, sometimes to help us calm the winds of storms that would otherwise send us into confusion. To maintain composure we got to feel good, hoard up knowledge so we can navigate better through the stormy weathers. Every now and then comes a real good rise to the lose coins we bought then we convert them to the KCS but normally there's daily gains on the KCS. A few bits of cents that have now added up to +$100. Not entirely for withdrawals it's a learning platform as we have been at this for a long time. Coming from no support to building portfolios in the midst of madness and storms. We continue with this one as our lesson arena because we learn so much from these display of emotions. Most of what we see in the market charts is emotions and how people are feeling and thinking. Its easy to classify them as buyers and sellers but when you get in deeper you learn about who the buyers are and why the sellers sell even more aggressively. Sometime, or rather most times we just chill and observe as the buyers and sellers battle it out. Day in day out for weeks on end we are just watching them and making mental notes of all that ticks and rocks. Then we get the influences of events like the great conjunction, the Christmas, the new years all over the world because Gregorian calendar has a different year from the Mayan and the ones used by the Asians. Then there's different ICOs and almost every single day there is a new coin or project introduction on KuCoin. Its confusion but we do try to take part in the promotion's so that we learn where and how the people's feelings are displaced. What happens when they are happy and how reactive are they when they are sad?


Herd mentality and mass adoptions are amongst the best to observe as influences of the flactuations. In these we observe the greed, the fears, the happiness from celebrating holidays, with these our routines are somewhat influence on the slight bit that is fluid. This helps us understand the bigger markets in which we can gain even more knowledge. Because at the end of the day we are in it to learn and earn as much as we can but if we just get the lesson alone, we'd still be very happy with our accomplishments. As we have realised what happiness does as a goal, we also learned that dopamine, the happy hormone is actually pumped out in the way to achieving the goal. In this case, on the way to pay out. We tend to think of payout as the main reason to be happy but that's short lived soon we will be boombarded by thought and temptations brought forth by the gains. When we chill on the gains and focus on how we got here, it's much more rewarding practising all the theories that we contemplate before bed at night. Yes, we do think about our goals all day, and the best of our goals is how we can get better faster and more agile. How we can eat better, trade better, see better details despite the noise. We clearly think that the noise is there to distract us, so we focus on that which we think we don't want or that which doe not seem to call for us, in realisation that all this really is is a distraction from the real things we out to be doing.


"Your life is hidden right before your eyes in the details you do not want to focus on"


Jordan Peterson


The detail that hold the key could be right Infront of us but we need to feel ourselves into alignment with the market in contrast to our strategies in place. Its like a dance with the market, making love with the asset. Its a beautiful making, with proper observations we will end up on a very good streak.



There's a lot that goes around the market, from the big players to the ones struggling to make a mere thousand portfolio. Its a humbling levels that shows us all that there's bottom levels and there high chess board levels to the game of life so we learn to earn then we repeat. With more lessons we focus on the gains of knowledge and the relieving of fears and illusions in order to focus with patients we will get to know that as we are learning from the greats, the greats of tomorrow are learning from us.


There's a lot of inputs on how things are better done but we have observed that happiness is the real king. Feeling ourselves into things and situations and circumstances that keep our momentum going is key. Real momentum comes from going and keeping. The surroundings always tell us where we are, when we cannot get InTouch with our emotional compass all we have to do is check on the markets, check the news, check the status quo and thus we get to know how our game plan is adopting along.


Any loses are cut almost immediately and soon forgotten but marked to be red flags for next time. We learned to focus better on stronger strategies that will build us from bottom up, up until now the mission is not money yet we still have to shape ourselves and we have been happier as of late from all the support we keep getting.


"I am satisfied with my care"



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The Trillionair Challenger

Observation of basics is very important. If the system fails you on the basics you understand too well, you tend to focus on those basics, building the interests that fuel the drive to greatness. This greatness overtime goes down in history for the likes of us to learn from and know that there are other ways of mastering the same basics they fail us on!

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