Buddha on the money

Passively stepping into the TFS (Trillion Frequency Sphere)

As bitcoin make moves for the 12K it is inevitable that new market makers arise throughout the market as some are ejected by default. A close observation on bitcoin shows that bitcoin is a rather very emotionally driven cryptocurrency, not that the whole market isn't emotionally driven in that it's people's feelings that are traded but bitcoin has had some major surges that left big market makers out in the cold for not believing in the cryptocurrency. The fluctuations observed during the pandemic are absurd, everything to expect from such an emotional coin but nonetheless the show must go on although we do not want to be the sore investor who bought bitcoin at 20K just to have it tumbling down to below 10K after promises from seasoned investors that the bitcoin would keep going to 100K and possibly past a million.

From the deep we have observed during the March/April months of $3867.09, thinking back to the buyers of the 20K Bitcoin, that must have popped at least a few hearts. The difference between then and now at $11 345.40 proves just how emotionally charged the market really is. As much as it is a numbers game it is also about taking the chances to side against the selling masses or in the case of the 20K, the buying masses. Sometimes one cannot only be a seller or a buyer, when times get tough - innovation comes to play, innovation demands change in a whole new way that has not been explored before. 

There are still speculations that the bitcoin will see huge rises to 50K-100K by the end of 2020, there is really no telling what comes next in the following few months because there is so much action awaiting to charge the emotions of the masses step by step into a financial letting state in a whole new way. The ability to see this beforehand places one at a massive advantage so much that it becomes too simple that its literary a no brainier. That Is part of the first step into the Trillion Frequency Sphere, a mindset inspired by great sages of all time going as far as the first basic users of  the candlestick to trade and count rice in ancient Japan, the same mindset Sid used to defeat hunger during his many quests, it is observed in Mansa musa times and it was what drove the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon. Its nothing new, its everything overlooked. 

Buddha on the money

The Trillion Frequency Sphere puts Buddha on the money. The teachings, teach that money isn't all that and what not, but we all know that we are better off with less emotions and more money (pun intended!). Tuning or rather stepping into this Trillion Frequency sphere is a unique experience that cannot be done in secret or just by one especially not by themselves because the numbers are locked into people and unlocking them from people requires interaction that's where the stepping comes in that one in their belief system decides they want the Buddha on the money and that's when the magic starts to happen. What magic? The people, they start unlocking for you, the couple of satoshis start making meaning in your wallet as they Bit up.


Grow on that $

As the count to incredible growth starts, the only obstacles in the way of the desired growth would be frequency and consistency. Stepping into the Trillion Frequency Sphere is ongoing and not based on money at all, but a lot to do with frequency and consistency. In theory it is very simple that one passively comes up with the dollar maker that in turn makes a 100 to make the 10K and so on. 

Frequency and consistency are very crucial in the any blueprint although at times they are coupled with different variations to keep the hype, the focus is not entirely monetary its more on the product and the ability to bring out more product in different variations something like how the market is saturated with cryptocurrency both legit and shitcoins. The saturation is used by the top Alt coins as a buffer to cushion their positions given that competition is thick! The focus remains on the Bitcoin, to Buy or not to buy is the question onwards and upwards to the 100 million price, well, eventually!

Vertical life meets horizontal desires - Dance



Supreme love and light

Happy Diwali!


Current constellation positions

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Bless up!

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