Let go

My art of letting bygones be bygones


My art of letting bygones be bygones


Nobody ever said that letting bygones be bygones is easy, most people don't even get it!

Letting bygone be bygones you embrace an ancient art that has been practiced and embodied by time's finests,

although not such an easy feat/philosophy to master and embody,

letting bygones be bygones comes with strengths of character the weak do not posses.

Let go

Most people go about their days, avenging  whatever did not go right in the past,

whether immediate past or super past,

whatever they go through life mad rushing for,

that vengeance  became part of them,

part of their character and it is observed in the excess arrogance portrayed by those with (denial) vengeance.

So in letting bygones be bygones,one resets the energy and all related energies putting these emotions into motion,

by doing this one can carry on with life like they just got a brand new life from the release of the stress factor,

the same factors that force one to share the attention that ought to be given to focusing on one-selves growth.

her heart

Best believe that a vengeful heart takes all parts of one's life meaning,

that even the most since of smiles is tainted with vengeance.

As part of crucial healing,

letting bygones be bygones is a fundamental step,

to wholly owning all that you try to own and all that you try to get with vengeance. 

When you free yourself of that stress, you no longer need to concentrate on another,

but in turn you give your goals and all of you, all your life the attention that is really needed.

Yes, the numbers game can and is played without vengeance and still be a natural bad ass (NBA) at it



Supreme love and light

Happy Diwali!


Current constellation positions

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+ Uranus in Taurus


Bless up!

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