$YFDAO-Faming, Mining and Staking

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Here for financial freedom and the propagation of technology done by the whole $YFDAO Community, the community runs farming protocol using buybacks and deflations. This enables the participants the ability to select the hottest latest erc20 tokens to farm. Instead of storing your etc20 tokens in your wallet, you can farm them and get some $YFDAO tokens.

The $YFDAO tokens are obtained from the exchanged for staking, or earned by farming or liquidity mining. Stake some $YFDAO for 30 days and earn 350%+ APY.
Users that provide liquidity on uniswap exchange will be awarded with YFDAO-uni-v2 tokens which can then be staked to get YFDAO tokens, the other way of evening is farming the erc20 tokens to get YFDAO tokens. Typically the YFDAO platfy rewards users for using cryptocurrencies and not just seat on the side line. Everyone will be able to pitch in ideas and expressions to help YFDAO operate and run smoothly. Buybacks, farming and staking reward claiming fees used for buybacks and community marketing.

*Tokens are vested for 3 months post launch.
*Then a release of 20 000 YFDAO is done monthly as of January 2021.

*The Max supply is 10 000 000 YFDAO.

*Initial supply is 1 000 000.

* 9 000 000 YFDAO for farming and staking reward supply.

*500 000 YFDAO Public Sale Supply.

*200 000 Uniswap and exchange Liquidity tokens.

*200 000 YFDAO vested team tokens
1% Burn on transactions.

Wallet for use is the Metamaek wallet
According to the roadmap on the YFDAO official site, the YFDAO wallet will come out in 2021. 2020 is the inception year.

Find out more on the official website





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