$MRHB – Merhaba \Shari’ah\Halal & Ethical Decentralized Financial Platform

MRHB – Merhaba \Shari’ah\Halal & Ethical Decentralized Financial Platform


Since this article research was done as part of the #MRHBDEFi competition without the hashtag, following the rules mean that no plagiarism. What this really means is do your own research, don’t copy and paste. Use your own words as far as possible, with MRHB, it’s all just so perfectly said that I can’t say it better. The only thing I could really do was find out about how other writers feel about $MRHB 

In general, a lot of Muslim faith writers would rather prefer writing about Shari'ah-compliant content because it is their faith. This is a definite good contribution and I notice the thrill as observed on MRHB’s medium.


To get to some points here, Shari’ah is the Islam law {the fundamental concept} that every Muslim follows. It’s a very beautiful thing to see initiatives bringing Shari’ah compliant financial platforms, the first of which is Merhaba is the most common and most polite way to say hello in Islam and other Muslim communities. Merhaba also means welcome, mostly used to welcome guests into one’s home or simply to express a sense of non-hostility. What this means in the crypto space is that other people who have been thinking or rather blocking themselves with thought scams and insecurities about crypto can actually trust that there are safe alternatives? These alternatives involve so humble. It’s a faith-based crypto project that only allows Shari'ah-compliant transactions, which means no gains of interest on your money to pay, no gambling type of activities, or anything that is not Shari’ah compliant. This one here is in mandarin 




This might have been obvious to many, for the ones needing assurance – this is one you can test on the word of a whole faith community and its laws! Shari’ah in the Muslim community, but not only for Muslims also for those who wish to take part in clean transactions like donating to a course without having to expose themselves. Especially with these pandemic scams, you'll get to be safe, after donating and not exposing yourself, you are still able to follow the donation to the dedication in your Sahal Wallet. Sahal Wallet is one of Merhaba’s offerings. This thing is golden like gold…ha-ha, Insha’Allah!


Since the Muslims hold supreme value and virtue to their duties to the expressions of Allah, everything has to be done under the law, which is Shari’ah. What Shari’ah literally means is the path to the watering-place, this is everything that Allah deem whole and holy (halal). Shari’ah leads all Muslims in this world by every step creating a better world to follow or the best of the world to come. and Shari’ah are aligned.


The landing page of is very interactive, upon loading the page move your cursor/mouse side to side to wave Merhaba with Shari’ah. Allah is great!

On the MRHb team is Shari’ah (first and foremost important!)

Blockchain Australia

Alif Technologies

Shari’ah Express

Pallette 69

Singapore Management University

Backed by polygon

Neo Legal

Halalap & EMGS Group

And so much more support to $MRHB

There is a whole team of dedicated experts in financial tech and Islamic finances & theology. aims at bringing a Muslim also a decentralized platform to the blockchain world.

I’m compiling a second part to this one, where I’ll get into the team formation and the offerings of

Until them. . . Merhaba

Allah’amdulilah ٱلْحَمْدُ لِلَّٰهِ


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