BTC ETFs, what's the big deal?


BTC ETFs, What's the big g deal? 


* Cryptocurrencies Markets Broke $2.5 Trillion, Crypto is here for major expansion and growth!!!


ETF stands for Exchange Traded Funds. It's nothing too extra special, just a fund traded on exchanges like regular stocks or future funds. The fund is a composition of different assets that one buys everything in the fund without needing to buy the different assets separately. Something similar to the index funds. ETFs tends to decrease transaction costs as well as decrease volatility for investors! Individual stocks have unique prices, fees and volatility.


So, What are futures ETFs? 

These are exchange traded funds that are traded on a date set in the future from the date of setting the trade futures. Unlike options trades where the people have an option to not sell or buy. People who that choose to buy shares of this fund are putting their money in the fund to get price exposure to multiple stocks without buying them individually. 


The BTC futures ETF is a whole fund filled up with bitcoin and traded for a set future date on BTC asset price by both retail and institutional traders. This is like have a green card from the government to legally gamble! I somehow think that some exchanges have been trading BTC futures already. I might have confused or missed something there.


The recent hype on the approval of BTC futures ETFs has 4 interested companies in it. That means 4 new BTC futures ETFs have been awaiting approval between now and 2013. Rejected back in 2013 for the twins - Cameron and Tyler (famously known for their role in the Facebook history), where the first to propose BTC futures ETFs. 

The $16.7 Trillion ETF industry likes to take it's time on approvals making sure all regulations are adhered to as well as in favour of the investors.

This all happened as the cryptocurrencies markets break $2.5 Trillion.

What an ending to 2021 this will be. The year that was more interesting than 2020 simply because we got used to avoiding crap, sometimes cleaning up the crap of BTC dips that caused all other assets to dip and recover hard. Such good news might have us kiss the 100K levels by Christmas. I am betting on that! 

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Go,Go, Go Bulls!!!

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