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I have been coming short as a trader for some years now. I needed to switch up things, leave the market for some time, study something else by letting life get me lost in its womb, as it is a womb I found that wherever I had been lead to there's been growth, mental and spiritual growth still taking place right now. As I get guided home, to come back at it, losing all expectations and ideals of the past. The market is an entity on its own, needing my respect, the players of the market are their own, also needing my respect in knowing and maintaining my place as far as I am aware. 


While re-analysing my strategies and plans I made friends with the wonderful Etzel through an article she wrote about trading, I didn't expect that a simple article is enough to reignite my fire for the charts. I had lost heart, thinking that maybe I'd never get any better at trading so I neglected the charts and declared my trading knowledge obsolete. I dived into other ways of making money online, hence the long list of Referrals down below this article. I did find scammers and ponsis but through the fog of money hungry internet freaks I found the sites that made my list, although slow the gains feel legit and true. And with the money I make out of the referrals I'm ready to reinvest in the trading markets. I started off with Forex and options but now I fell in love with the crypto Defi which is the whole reason that you are able to read this article. It's the love of crypto that brings all of us here. We wake up to grow the cryptocurrencies world, in turn we learn all about life, we earn to learn even more and we put out content, ensuring and hoping that it's the best quality we can put out. If it's not the best quality of content then we learn as we earn and get better at it. All hopes to get so much that the content becomes good study material in the future. We are back at it. 

With bitcoin falling plunging from 19K to 16K in a matter of hours I am sort of glad to not be in that dip, but not being in that dip means I missed out on the bullrun which gently broke my heart but that's what I had to go through to get here. Still not a good place to be but ey we got ampleforth now how cool is that. Plus we got the memes making us millions 😂, it will only get better from here, even if Ethereum keeps doing backflips in my wallet.

Hope the pandemic is respecting you. I hope you are making much more than you ever did before, whatever it is that you make [hopefully not babies]

Happy Thanksgiving y'all

Enjoy the black Friday

Thank you for your time.




Supreme love and light


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Bless up!


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The Trillionair Challenger
The Trillionair Challenger

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