Why I Don’t Use Coinbase Wallet

Why I Don’t Use Coinbase Wallet

      I was looking for new ways to earn some extra crypto one day when I came across Coinbase Wallet. It seemed great, link it to your Coinbase account, and transfer assets to lend them and earn interest on them. Heck yeah, I’m in for it. So I transferred one Ethereum coin (~$190 at the time) and I left it for a couple weeks.
       When it came time to withdraw it, that’s when the fun happened. I hit withdraw and typed my 1 Ether for withdraw and I get hit with an error message. It said something along the lines of “Deposit 0.75 Ether to complete withdrawal”. It almost wanted an entire Ether to withdraw my 1! (And this was back before gas prices went through the roof) So I just left it in the account for another couple weeks. When I got back on it, my Ether was gone! Just completely vanished. 

     I don’t know if I am an isolated case or if others have had this problem. Either way, it has caused me to just steer clear of Coinbase Wallet in order to avoid possible future trouble. If you’ve had this problem or something similar, let me know in the comments what it was.

This isn’t knocking the actual Coinbase Exchange. I personally love Coinbase. It was the first exchange I had ever used so I may be biased (although I don’t enjoy the high fees, but I guess that’s the price for ease of use).

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My Journey Through Cryptocurrency
My Journey Through Cryptocurrency

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