The Son of Crowdholding

The Son of Crowdholding

By De Gem | The Son of Crowdholding | 22 Nov 2019

Hello, I'm De Gem the son of Crowdholding. I guess you're wondering who Crowdholding is. Well, Crowdholding is no human being and from the category where you found this article, you know I'm definitely talking about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Oh, this is my premier post by the way.

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A lot of startups are being founded day in and day out and most of them are failing day in and day out. Surprised? Don't be. The reasons are many but I'll crank out a few major ones. First of all, humans have problems and we have a lot of them. Sometimes we don't even realise there are problems until they are pointed out to us. Secondly, we want entertainment and these come in many forms: music, movies, games and sports just to name a few. Thirdly, humans need improvement and development because we can't keep doing the same old things forever. In my opinion, these are some of the reasons for the creation of startups and they are necessary.

Why do they fail though? Most startups do everything right. They have the best teams, the best ideas and a solid company structure but they still fail. The major reason why this happens is that if there is a disconnection between companies and the public such that an audience cannot be built for/around the product, the company will collapse. A lot of companies keep kicking the bucket because of this.

This is where we come in.


Alright if you didn't get the "we" in the statement, this is where Crowdholding comes in. People around the world are willing to validate products, solve problems and voice out their opinions - myself included. Yes, people want to be heard. Doubt it? Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat all have millions of people on their website. The basic reason? We want to be heard - and even seen in some cases.

The Crowdholding team has worked hard to build the perfect co-creation platform since July 2016. To quote the words of Ethan, CEO of Crowdholding, "Crowdholding enables the public, or ‘the crowd’, to help validate, iterate on, or build awareness for products or services. In
return, the product or service owner rewards the crowd for their activity, building a mutually beneficial scenario where businesses and the public are brought closer together, aligning goals rather than merely exploiting one another."

Crowdholders are rewarded with the Crowdholding YUPPIE token (YUP), and other ERC-20 compatible tokens (including Ether itself) given out by the companies or startups placing their tasks on the platform. This allows the decentralized transfer of value between the parties involved. Crowdholding has attracted hundreds of dedicated participants, and dozens of interesting startups including Aeternity, Brave, Liberland and Pynk looking to make use of the wisdom of the crowd.


What are you waiting for? We need your wisdom and we need it now! Join us here  or on telegram here and don't forget to leave a tip if you like my letter. Is it even a letter?

Son of Crowdholding.

De Gem
De Gem

A crypto enthusiast willing to learn about the latest development in the crytpo world. I rap too.

The Son of Crowdholding
The Son of Crowdholding

This blog informs and updates readers about all the blockchain and cryptocurrency projects posted on the Crowdholding platform, tasks available and rewards to be gained by participating. Basically, this blog needs your wisdom!

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