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By NoizceEra | The Sol Era | 22 Mar 2022

I'm back from a 5 day long business trip in Florida learning Data Analytics for a private equity group. Needless to say, I'm hitting information overload and it's quite alright. One of the things that kept rebounding my energy was the fact that some of what we had discussed on days 2 and 3 were essentially translatable to the NFT space that's booming right now. Whenever I thought my brain had fallen out of my head, I was reenergized by the reality of both growing businesses and what I call the "NFT Spring". We'll talk more about that in a subsequent article.

I'm writing this after I got off the phone with my brother because I'm genuinely excited! For both myself, him and the NFT community as a whole. Prior to the business trip, I had given him one of my Beach Bum NFTs to do exactly what I'll discuss later on in the post. Now that I'm back, he's curious how the trip went and wanted to know where he should invest his money - You can guess what I sad. By no means am I a financial advisor. If anything, I'm the last person you want to talk to about money because until a couple of months ago, I didn't see it as the asset I quickly see it becoming.

So, I told him to look into NFTs. He said he didn't have time, and I told him that's a stupid thing to say when it comes to your money, you need to learn to do your own research, and I'll teach you how to do that when I have time. For now, how much do you have? What are you willing to spend? The usual questions. After narrowing down the options, and explaining how some of the ones I thought I had, like the Hokkaido Frogz - who are doing supremely now - are out of my normal shopping range. We settled on the Koi Shogunate.

He wanted to earn passive income, and I wanted to recommend something that had an actual roadmap that seemed viable and sustainable. We both missed out on the Minkas, and we may have to save up to get a Young Samurai. The team behind Koi Shogunate have already released a few sneak peeks about the houses and hinted at the Young Koi, but they haven't officially dropped yet! You earn roughly ~$2 USD a day in their native token MISO, with an option to make more depending on the utilities that they have rolling out. Construction of the houses cost 350,000 $MISO, all of that $MISO will be burned. Each and every house can be staked to earn you 10, 000 $MISO per day at the beginning, later you will be able to place your samurai into Minka to get a staking multiplier for every staked samurai.

Now, this just the surface of what goes into projects like that if you're not a paperhand and want immediate return on your investments. Due to his nature and approach, this was a simple recommendation for me to make, given his level of involvement. There is definitely much more that goes into my research when looking into NFTs, especially since I'm new in this space, but I wanted to recommend something that would keep his interests and investments in tact. The Koi's are a simple example of what I consider a promising project, but again, I'm new.

Surrounding the enthusiasm around NFTs, I think that prior to the trip, my joy surrounding my research into all of this may have rubbed off on him. I think that the financial benefits/interests came later, and that's alright because things move at their own pace and that's what it's about. If my excitement with this ever-expanding space in crazy and chaotic times like these can offer a glimpse of hope or spark a mind to think alternatively, then that's what it's all about. I think people who are in this space a world that's ravaged by greed, suppression and supremacy and the NFT community is something that actually remedy that through innovation, creativity, authenticity and more. I seriously mean that! I did not think that I would be this enthusiastic about "fancy JPEGs".

That's the whole goal with this blog, is to be an actual enthusiast. I think eventually we may work up to being either and investor, collector or even an advisor or creator, but at the moment, I'm quite alright being an enthusiast about it because there's more to this space than I could've possibly imagined - And now I've got my brother in it. What are some projects that you're interested in? What do you look for in a project? Are you only in this for monetary and financial gains? If you had a project, what would create? To me, this is a never ending discussion about how creativity is the only way out of this conformity they've instilled in us, and to see such a growing space cater to creatives and intellectuals in a positive way is truly amazing. I'm glad I can share it with you.

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