Have You Heard About High Voltage Worlds? How I Consolidated Digital Assets and Used NFTs To Get One! ⚡️

By NoizceEra | The Sol Era | 29 Mar 2022


So, let me preface this by saying how I acquired my High Voltage World NFTs, proved to me the overall value and utility of NFTs - in my journey thus far. Maybe I should include part of how I came about my first one to set the tone for my thoughts and experience using NFTs. I hope that by explaining this, it explains to others how they too can benefit from the NFT space and proper research and utilization of multiple projects can help you prosper in this space.

There's so many different ways to describe this and start this, that I think the best way is to jump right into the middle. March 28th was High Voltage Worlds' Mint Day. Why is High Voltage Worlds important to me? We'll explain that further down the line, but the price was 1 Sol. At the time of writing this, Solana is hovering ~109.24 USD. Now, I have no Sol or any fiat because of life and squirreling it away in other projects. I had purchased a rug NFT that sold me on false promises of analysis and data charts, and they kicked me out of their Discord after calling them out. Anywho, I had probably .10 Sol and I wanted that NFT.

I looked at my assets, "What do I have?" I had a couple NFTs that I could see for the FP and maybe get enough to get one, but then that would remove my involvement in those projects that much more. I was willing to liquid my Hokkaido Frogz, Metazillas, my Hounds of Zeus and even my Long Ween. All to attain at least 3 of the High Voltage Worlds NFT. Spoiler Alert: The HV Worlds NFTs are Solana-based NFTs that mine Bitcoin. So, you can kind of understand some of the importance or the sense of urgency behind getting them. I won't bother you with the time stamps because it basically just amounted to a lot of back-and-forth pacing, anxiety, FOMO and calculations.

Back to the assets: I looked at my Beach Bum Billionaires and how I had let them stake since they launched their staking system through NovaLaunch. As a deflationary token, I didn't really expect a decent yield after harvesting the tokens I had from the 12 of them; it amounted to about ~$9 USD. So, I consolidate and liquidate my Beach Bum Tokens, I have about roughly ~$20 USD. I take that money to Hokkaido Frogz, Froggy Flip it until I have about ~$35 USD. Now the question becomes, "Where am I going to come up with the remaining ~$75 USD?" Well, thankfully, again, this is where the diversification of your investments and projects and things like this come into place. I hadn't even talked about the sleeping giant that is Tiny Dogz.

Now, before I rant and rave about how amazing Tiny Dogz are, because they deserve and will receive their own article entirely, let me again preface this section by showcasing the need for becoming familiar with different project styles. Do you see how every single thing we've touched on here has its own value? And how, collectively, we're able to give value to something else, simply by consolidating a few assets? This is the culmination of about two months worth of research and investment into this space! I can only imagine people who are considered veterans in this space. I'm truly so fascinated with the whole process and experience that I had to share it with anyone who'd listen!

Back to the story: "Where am I going to come up with the remaining ~$75 USD?" Enter Tiny Dogz. The Developer "Duke/Stoley" is on point. He's always working on something, and he loves to hit you with options. This was one of the first projects that made me actually have faith in NFTs as a whole. Why? Because instantly, I could see my money come back to me. I learned about what liquidity pools are, daily yield, monthly yield and even your "breakeven point" by simply studying this project. There's so much more that I have to give them their own article at another time. With that being said, long story short, I had roughly ~$77 USD saved up in Tiny Bonez. Should I use it to get one of their new breeds, the Shiba Inu? Or, should I claim that ~$77 USD and combine it with my ~$35 USD and get that High Voltage Worlds NFT? I get paid tomorrow, but what if they're gone by tomorrow? By the time this part of the story happened, roughly half of the High Voltage Worlds NFTs had been minted. In my head I'm thinking, "You already have one Shiba, just get one HV Worlds NFT and we'll see how it works tomorrow." Bet.

We withdrew from The Bank of Tiny, swapped it on Raydium, and after a few taps we were solid. I found myself in High Voltage Worlds' Discord, grabbed their mint link and after a few nail biting moments I became the owner of High Voltage Worlds #2000 - D -Rarity, and that's alright. I could sleep. The FOMO had been vanquished and I was comfortable knowing that I could at least participate and learn more about this project. Again, remember, this is a Solana-based NFT that mines Bitcoin and disburses that revenue to the holders. These guys are in a class of their own, just like Tiny Dogz and I wanted to see what they were going to do next.

Just like our Hokkaido Frogz article, each of the projects listed throughout this article will have a post of their own and I hope you can see why, but I just wanted to take this time to show you in my short time how powerful this space can be. I know there are others that may look down on this type of behavior or even call my methods questionable, or even be as sane as my wife and say, "Why not wait until tomorrow?" Because that's missing out on all the fun! This post was to show that if I hadn't strategically placed my money in these other projects, or learned about the valuable utility and assets some of them bring, none of this would be possible. We "learned" how to "create" ~$100+ USD. That's pretty cool if you ask me, and on top of that, it's not about the monetary value so much as it is what we're able to do with that ~$100+ USD. I woke up this morning and purchased two more High Voltage Worlds and squirreled away enough Tiny to put back in the bank and get another Shiba Inu. The money can be restored and regenerated, but the lesson we learned, utilizing different assets can never be forgotten. That's the main point here. It's not about the FOMO or the money, it's about learning the space, figuring out strategies and being comfortable with challenges to a degree.

TLDR: I made $10 into $30, and used the passive income generated by other NFTs to come up with the remaining $70 USD to get an NFT. I think it was pretty cool. Taught me some lessons.

★ Executive Summary: High Voltage Worlds (HVW) is the first Solana NFT that pays holders Bitcoin mining profits. Each NFT will contain a "mining warehouse" asset of different rarities, this will determine the percentage of the mining profits you can claim. Our collection is home to 5 families: the Cats, Masks, Penguins, Apes, and Punks. Based on the "family" asset of your NFT, holders will get access to many community benefits as well as the ability to compete against other families in monthly events to earn Solana. Each family will have their own family-specific Discord, merch store, and FamilyDAO treasury. Each month, families can vote to either distribute the Bitcoin mining profits to their holders or choose to reinvest the funds into the FamilyDAO treasury. Holders can decide on what to do with the funds placed in the FamilyDAO treasury and can elect to purchase assets such as NFTs, Solana, and more!
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ★ High Voltage Worlds Official Links:
Whitepaper: Litepaper: https://high-voltage.gitbook.io/litepaper/
Whitepaper: https://high-voltage.gitbook.io/high-voltage-worlds-whitepaper/

Website: https://www.highvoltageworlds.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hvWorldsNFT_
Discord: https://discord.gg/hvworldsnft
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHLxsTciSVWSX_tr87V100g/featured
Calculator: HVW Calculator 7.0: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FsfdwS5adyd1cBNKFnErsN0tpJsOk5pIWqe7ntIq4es/edit?usp=sharing
HVW Calculator 7.0 Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3DoB_fvsmg

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