It may be time to jump on that BTC train, NOW!!!!

By Thercek | The Silent Crypto-miner | 18 Aug 2021

*Note: All advice or comments in this post are purely opinion, and all financial decisions should be made with a qualified financial expert. I am definitely not one of those, so take what you read here with a grain of salt and experience!

Hello friends and fellow Crypto-freaks!!!

The time is NOW!!!!

With BTC dropping down to the $44k USD arena, and bouncing steadily back and forth to closer to $45k USD, this may be the last dip we get before this whole thing takes off! The last time this happened, it went from $28k USD, all the way to $43k USD without many true dips involved! All one has to do is check the recent news on BItcoin to see that an upwards market is on the way again soon! 



Other Alt-Coins are also on a small dip, presumably temporarily! Such as Dogecoin! It was recently bumped up to $0.35 in one week, from $0.25! And with the social media push to get #DogeTo$1, the coin will likely be on the rise again soon! Another dip that I recommend buy, as the coin has already shown potential to hit $0.74! Get some free Doge from a faucet and for completing surveys at! There will be a referral link at the end to sign up! I have 2 verified payouts from the site already!


Well, that is all for today guys! I say keep a close eye on these numbers, and if they drop a little more, buy it up!!! Of course, it is your wallet, so it is up to you to make that decision at the end of the day! 

-The Silent Crypto-Miner 


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The Silent Crypto-miner
The Silent Crypto-miner

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