Why Flexitarian Might Be Right For You

By epaulis | The Ruffled Owl Post | 27 Apr 2022

I know, all the studies indicate that being vegetarian (even better, vegan) or pescatarian (vegetarian + fish) is so very healthy and, oh yeah, it helps the planet because there are less cow farts. Other than the cow fart thing, I am totally convinced. But, even so, I can’t seem to completely avoid cheese or bacon or ice cream or burgers. Did I say cheese?

Fortunately, there is a middle ground. A flexitarian is a vegetarian who cheats from time to time. Yes, that’s a thing and it’s not only allowed, its encouraged. 

I know what you are thinking. Something like: “Let me get this straight. I can eat healthy all week and then go out Saturday with my friends and eat a plate of wings without feeling guilty?” Yup, you got it. So if you are not sold already on the idea of being a flexitarian, here is why it might be right for you:

  • Low Commitment
  • A Healthier alternative
  • Lose Weight
  • Save Money
  • Befriend the Environment
  • Simplifies Family Time

Low Commitment

Eat meat. Don’t eat meat. You get to do your own thing. No one can complain that you are not following your diet. It is really easy to stick to this diet.

Flexitarian is also a great transition diet if you are not yet ready to make the jump to full vegetarian. Try it out for a while. No rush.

Be Healthy

I already mentioned above the well-known health benefits of vegetables and fish. A diet rich in meat and dairy is not healthy. So, ipso facto, somewhere in the middle has to be healthier than being on the unhealthy side of the scale.

In fact, Flexitarians can be better balanced than both vegetarians and omnivores. There is the opposite problem faced by vegetarians in getting enough protein in their diet. There are solutions, but people do need to consume protein. Flexitarians solve this problem with their occasional trip to the other side of the menu.

Lose Weight

Ok, I could have put this under healthy, but there are plenty of benefits to losing weight other than being healthy.

Save Money

Meat and dairy products are expensive. So is heart bypass surgery. The fact is that a healthy diet will cost less, both in time and energy, then then an unhealthy lifestyle.

Befriend the Environment

Already mentioned the cow fart thing. Then there is the waste from farm animals that must be gathered, transported and stored. Raising farm animals also uses a lot of food, water and energy, and takes up a lot of room compared to crops.

Simplifies Family Time

Families today are made up of individuals with diverse interests, challenges and diets. It takes time to prepare meals to everyone’s needs. With a flexible diet, you’ll be able to enjoy family time rather than squabble about the fare that’s on the table.

Eat healthy, save money, and help the planet. That’s it in a nutshell.

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