Something Wierd is Happening With Bitcoin

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Something odd is happening with bitcoin at the moment, and I am not sure why.


In just the past 24 to 48 hours,  we have seen a HUGE surge in BTC price of about 10% of more.


However,  what's really wierd,  is that  at the EXACT SAME TIME, starting 6:25pm on Jan 13th,  all 3 bitcoin forks,  BTC, BCH and BSV  jumped and rose significantly, in lock-step.


Now this may not be anything new,  but what is really exciting here is the amount of returns in the past 24hours:


1.  BTC  - 10% or so,  $8100 to $8700

2.  BCH -  25% or so,  from $268 to $330 range

3.  BSV - 100% or so,  from $170 to $330


Definitely some interesting things going on here…


Was I the only person un-aware of a price correlation?


Or is someone buying BTC that has NOT been forked yet,  then profiting from the triplicates,  thereby raising the value of all at the same time?


Please, share your thoughts.... 


Crypto enthusiast, coding nerd, cat lover, and libertarian.

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