Reddit BTC Forum Bans Free Speech

By | Anonymous Press | 14 Jan 2020

Despite the fraud of BTC's reddit forum being publicly revealed,  there still seems to be a dis-information campaign happening on Reddit's  BTC sub-forum.

If you don't believe me,  try posting anything there that remotely praises BCH or BSV.

Your post will quickly be removed and you may even get banned.

The moderator simply will not allow any opposing view points.

Whoever it is, appears to be controlling the Reddit BTC community in an effort to control public opinion.

With millions of Pro-BTC forum posts and comments now under suspicion of being fraudulent,  it would be smart for the moderator to at least try and appear to be fair.

However, they make no such attempt.

It's pretty clear by now that whoever is running that sub-forum on Reddit really does not like BCH or BSV.

AND they are willing to go to extreme lengths to fool the public.

From spending thousands on mass dis-information campaigns through microworkers and freelancers,  to outright banning and removing content they don't agree with.

The real question is this..  HOW does my post (see screen shot below)  goes against their rules?  In what way?

Who complained about my post?   Certainly they must have been fast at complaining because my post was removed within minutes of being posted. 

I doubt anyone even saw it.

In fact,  I bet a moderator didn't even read it. 

It was probably deleted by a bot or machine,  scanning the sub-forum for keywords like BCH or BSV and deleting/removing anything that matches.

It's reasons like that I can't stand REDDIT in the first place.

Throw in the global dis-information campaign accomplished through crowd-sourcing and you have something almost like a conspiracy to ban free speech.  

Whatever your view-point on Bitcoin,   can we all agree that banning free speech goes against the very point of any cryptocurrency?

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