Rollercoin - Getting Paid for Gaming, or Grinding for Free?

Welcome to my blog review, this time looking at the online mining game 'Rollercoin'. 

As you might recall, I wanted to start looking at free ways of earning cryptocurrency, as a means of getting into this strange new world with minimal investment. 

During the course of my initial foray into faucets, I'd stumbled upon 'Rollercoin', which is an online mining game, where you can earn real cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH & DOGE) or the in-game currency (which is known as 'RollerToken'). 


Having read a little about the game, it sounded like it might be worth a punt and signed up - my intention being to grind my way to a payout in as short a time as possible, and see how lucrative this game could be. 

The mechanics

On starting the game, you must first set up your avatar before you can get to work on upgrading your gear and increasing your mining power (hash rate). Initially, you start off with a knackered old PC with very little power, which you must work to upgrade through winning minigames - something which I suspected would become quite 'grindy', particularly for someone that wanted to stick to the free offering.

The way the game works is that there are 4 levels of PCs available, which get incrementally better at maintaining your power level as you unlock new ones:

  • Basic PC - starting equipment - hash rate maintained for 24 hours
  • Advanced PC - after 10 wins - hash rate maintained for 72 hours
  • Gaming PC - after 30 more wins - hash rate maintained for 120 hours
  • Mac Pro - after 60 more wins - hash rate maintained for 168 hours

Each of these PCs can be lost by not winning a game for more than 24 hours, which I believe results in starting back from the basic PC. 

The other aspect of the game is your hash rate, which is increased through playing and winning games (of which there are 10 different types) . Each win gives a different amount of points, which corresponds to a greater or smaller effect on the increase to your hash rate. Through playing and winning a particular game type, higher levels of difficulty are unlocked, which results in even greater increases to your hash rate following a win.  As you unlock the higher difficulties of a particular game, a cooldown period becomes apparent, meaning that you must wait before replaying that specific game again (although even at the higher levels, the cooldown isn't much more than a minute or two). Unfortunately, the difficulty level for each game decays over time, so if you unlock the level 10 difficulty for one of the games and then have a few hours break, you will probably find that you are on level 5 when you return. 

Additionally, the hash rate increase given by completing a game only lasts for 24 hours (once the initial maintenance period given by your PC level has run out). This means that, if you've played 10 games to maintain your hash rate today, then you'll probably need to play the same number of games tomorrow to keep it around that same level (in reality, it is much more than 10 games required though!).

The rewards

So, now you have a vague idea as to how to improve your stats within the game, it would be appropriate to go through why we've actually bothered to do it all in the first place... 

Well, in Rollercoin there is a reward given for mining a block every 10 minutes (the FAQ states that the game gives these rewards every 5 minutes, but I can only assume that the FAQ needs an update), which is shared by all players according to their contribution towards the systems overall mining power. As such, players with higher hash rates receive higher rewards when each block is mined. 

My experience

First of all, I was fully expecting a grind ahead of me when I started this game, and this thought was confirmed when I realised that you can buy mining machines for your avatar's mining room (more on those later). Anyway, I set to work on increasing my hash rate through playing and winning games. 

The games themselves aren't too bad, with many of them taking hearty inspiration from games such as space invaders, 'match a pair',  '3 in a row' (similar to candy crush) and flappy bird. I settled on playing the pairs and 3 in a row, as these were fairly straightforward and I seemed to do rather well on these, and after a couple of hours I'd climbed the ranks to the point where I was accumulating around 1.3 Satoshis every 10 minutes., which I thought was pretty good. 

However, upon checking out the minimum withdrawal level (0.0001 BTC), I calculated that I was going to be waiting around 10 weeks before I would be able to cash out... 

Unfortunately, having been playing the game for just over a week now, the hash rate maintaining properties of my upgraded PC have now expired, and I've found that it is more-or-less impossible to maintain a reasonable hash rate (given that the delayed decay timers of every game that I won last week are now kicking in, sending my hash rate on a pretty rapid decline. 

I did try to mitigate against this, by grinding through some of the games for a while earlier on, but due to the nature of the game (where currency can be earned through the repetition of small and simple tasks), I've found that I'm now required to complete a Captcha before and after pretty much every minigame that I try to play - in fact, I've actually had an error message telling me that there is a suspicious amount of activity coming from my network, which has now stopped me from continuing the grind (despite successfully completing every Captcha). As such, it seems that the only way to maintain your hash rate in the game is to purchase one of the mining machines offered in the in-game store, which reduces the requirement to constantly play through the minigames.

Mining machines

As mentioned previously, these machines provide additional power to bolster your hash rate, with the added benefit of maintaining this indefinitely (without the requirement to play any games, etc.). These are all priced up in 'RollerToken' (the in-game currency), and appear to be... well, pretty pricey.

The most powerful mining machine regularly available for purchase will give you 110000 GH of power, and will set you back 99 RLT, which appears to cost around 0.002 BTC. This is a pretty decent amount of power, although (looking at my current stats), this is likely to result in a block reward of 0.5 Satoshi every 10 minutes when mining BTC, which would mean that this $114 dollar investment would take around 4 million minutes (over 7 and a half years) to pay for itself... 

The Verdict

Having played this game for just over a week now, I feel that I have had enough experience of playing the game to give a reasonable indication as to whether this is a worthwhile means of obtaining free crypto (which is the basis of this blog). 

Now I have come into this process fully aware that it is unlikely that there will be a game paying out significant amounts of crypto for very little effort, and anticipated there to be a grind ahead of me when I started playing Rollercoin. That said, I didn't anticipate that it would be near-impossible to actually earn any crypto from this game. 

Due to the mechanics of the game and the relatively high minimum payout, I would suggest that it is highly unlikely that you would be able to withdraw any crypto from this game in a reasonable timeframe, unless you spent a vast amount of time capitalising on the 7-day period that the top-level PC maintains your hash rate. Having personally invested something like 15 hours into this game during that first week, I think the only way to do this would be to triple that number of hours, with the aim of achieving 0.0001BTC within the shortest possible time. Given the current price of BTC, this would be worth around $5.7, which is almost certainly not worth the effort. 

Overall I was pretty disappointed with how my experience of Rollercoin turned out, particularly after actually quite enjoying the initial challenge of playing the games to gain upgrades and increase my ranking.  That said, you may have a different experience to the one I've had if you played it differently, or are happy with waiting for small gains over a much longer period. Additionally, the relative value of the overall payout is vastly different depending on where you are in the world, so feel free to give the game a try if you feel that it is something that would interest you. 

You can sign up for Rollercoin using my referral link here, which will start you off with 1000 Satoshis (BTC) - please feel free to delete everything after the '.com' in the address bar however, if you'd rather not sign up in this way. 

Next time

I've spent quite a bit of time on a couple of websites that I think will actually be reasonably good for earning small amounts of crypto on an ongoing basis, so it is likely that I will review one of these in my next post. 

Feel free to let me know what you thought of this article, or any other ideas you might have for me to try in the future, using the comments section below. 












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