When you ask if I was OK I lied/ combat issues at home and overseas had some of my brain cells fried/Went from rockets and mortars dropping/from up the street around the bodega guns popping/ Even though the path was rough I wasn't too sadden/I was sailing like I was on a magic carpet like the cartoon Alladin/on my own Peace is unattainable/life feels crazy like a show on cable/but the one and only Christ keeping me safe and preparing a table.When you ask if I was OK I lied/feeling ungrateful because I could have died/then came back home to conflict which we code name "beef"/nearly said 'good grief' but how can grief be good/walking among wolves wondering what happen to my neighborhood/for lust and illusion my neighbors became killers for hire/ turn on the news and see the situation is dire /Don't know how I survive/I was on the edge and everyday a Higher Power still keeps me from taking a deep dive

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I like biology, engineering and poetry and the Bible.

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