The Power And Importance Of Thoughts

"For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of hath come unto me." Job 3:25

The same thing happened to me! A little less than two years ago, the police knocked on my doors for "hate speech". I live in a country in which thieves who stole over a hundred million U$D are being set free by the court, yet, because of pictures I posted I almost ended up jailed for 10 months.

I am not afraid of the police nor prison, but I am afraid of the ruined destiny. Once you lose properties and financial sources, you lose years of hard work. The road towards my success was painful, so I was afraid to walk through once again, yet, that is exactly what I was forced (by life) to do. Why?

Because we reap what we sow, and "what you see is what you get". We have two outer eyes to watch, and one inner eye to see! What you see in your imagination with the inner eye is what you will eventually and inevitably experience!

We are our self-awareness! There is a small difference among the people, but that small difference makes a big difference! That difference is attitude! Attitude is a program our subconscious minds are operating on! Our lives are simple! Whatever we believe, we become and experience. Since our subconscious minds are programmed to think destructively (a.k.a. negatively), we experience "pain" most often.

Be careful what you think. As Bruce Lee said: "empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water!". I would add "and be decisive! Visualize yourself doing, having, and being what you desire. Believe that will happen, because it must and will happen!"

"When there is no vision, the people perish!" Proverbs 29:18

"Be it done for you as you DESIRE!" Matthew 15:28

As the Bible says, "renew your mind"; "Be you transformed by the renewing of your mind". Why is that important? It is important because without a new mind we cannot experience anything new nor different. A mind that is operating on negative beliefs will attract negative outcomes.

If we want to change circumstances, we need to change the self-image (paradigm). We can read in the Bible "Let the weak say I AM strong". Now, if you do not understand the psychological background, you might end up thinking we were taught to lie, but that is not true, because if you say "I AM weak", you will end up lying. You are not weak. Even if you think that you are, you are not! Our minds are powerful beyond measure. In fact, our minds are powerful enough to store ALL informations with "room to spare". Do not let the outer world fool you!

So if you do not want to be poor anymore, reject the idea of poverty. Say aloud "I AM RICH", many times throughout the day. Reprogram your mind, which will lead you to a chain of PROSPEROUS events. Activated faith equals activation of miracles! New opportunities will appear seemingly out of nowhere!

By the way, this technique is not new. Every human being and probably even animals are using it, unconsciously, but most often the wrong way! Our job is to become aware of that power, and start using it the right way!

So become aware of the power you possess, and the power of our imagination! Reprogram your mind, and you will drastically improve your life.

Some stuff you should definitely do to start thinking more positively are:

- turn off the tv

- do not read the news

- avoid social media

- avoid negative grungy people

- exercise at least 30 minutes daily

- read books (about the mind, not comic books nor fairy tales)

- listen to 432 Hz music

- listen to positive music, instrumentals if possible, avoid negative & sad music

P.s. know what you want! Not knowing what you want and expecting to taste the prosperity is like sailing without a destination and hoping to reach it anyway.

You see, unconsciously, I knew what I was expecting! I was expecting the trouble with the police, which later on got manifested! Imagine how great our lives could and would be if we were expecting the good we desire with the same amount of feelings and beliefs and I've been expecting the trouble! 

Thoughts are things! We Van Dyke said, "We send them forth to fill, the world with good results or ill! We build our future, thought by thought!"

The outer world is like the screen, our minds are projectors! We cannot change pictures on the screen until we deal with the projector!

Our experiences depend on the quality of our thoughts! Be careful what you think of! Choose your thoughts carefully!

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The Power Of The Mind
The Power Of The Mind

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