St. Andrew's Cross

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ST. ANDREW'S DAY, 30th NOVEMBER: Celebrating Scotland

While I'm working on my next Greek history blog (it is coming, don't worry), and since British history isn't my specialty (yet?), I thought I'd share a few videos about Scotland and Saint Andrew, since today is Saint Andrew's Day!

This is just a one-off blog mini-series on Britain's Patron Saints and I'll be back to my regular posts ASAP.

In the meantime, hope you enjoy!


(= "Scotland Forever")

"National Anthem: Scotland - Flower of Scotland (Constituent Country of the United Kingdom)"

Written and composed by Roy Williamson
Video uploaded by "Ian Berwick"

"Scottish Patriotic Song - "Scotland the Brave""

1950 lyrics written by Cliff Hanley
Video uploaded by "DeroVolkTV"

"History Summarised: Scotland"

Video uploaded by "Overly Sarcastic Productions"

"Animated story of St Andrew"

Video uploaded by "Scotland Is Now"

"St Andrew the Apostle (30 November)"

Video uploaded by "Sensus Fidelium"

"The History of the Scottish Flag"

Video uploaded by "History With Herbert"

"What Happened to the Old Scottish Flag?"

Video uploaded by "History With Hilbert"

"Ten Minute English and British History #19 - The Early Stewarts and the Gunpowder Plot"

Video uploaded by "History Matters"

"The Animated History of Scotland"

Videos uploaded by "Suibhne"

This is my last of four posts on the Patron Saints of the British Isles

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The Patron Saints of the British Isles
The Patron Saints of the British Isles

• WALES - St. David's Day (1st March) • IRELAND - St. Patrick's Day (17th March) • ENGLAND - St. George's Day (23rd April) • SCOTLAND - St. Andrew's Day (30th November)

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