Why referral programs suck

Why referral programs suck

By ScreenTag | The Other Side | 4 Aug 2020

Quite a lot of us promote services or products - often even without knowing anything about them. Publish0x itself has a referral program aiming to get more users, promising a 5% cut of whatever referred users tip. Brave in the other hand is promising to pay in BAT certain one-time rewards if referred users download, install, and use Brave browser for a month. Coinbase is offering a one-time reward of $10 to both the referred and referring customer, if the new customer adds $100 or more to his/her account.

These three are the most common referral reward types: an ongoing cut in revenue, a one-time reward to the referrer, and a one-time reward to both the referrer and the referred customer.

The thing is that referral programs either pay very little - especially when the referred user is not becoming a customer who is spending money - or they impose so many conditions to the referrers in order to pay them anything, that eventually, it makes no sense to participate. See Coinbase referral program; they will pay you and your friend $10, only if your friend adds $100 or more in their account and makes a trade. If the user decides to add even $1 less than $100, you get nothing (although they will still collect their fees for the $99). Similarly, Brave browser will pay $7.50, or $6.50, or $5.00 - depending on where the referred user resides - only if they download, install, and use the browser for a month. If they use it for 29 days, and then decide they don't like it you get nothing (although they will still run ads, and get paid from advertisers).

Bottom line: fair referral programs pay very little to referrers, unfair referral programs pay again very little to referrers - and in some cases, they won't even pay anything at all, but they will force the referrers to spend their referral rewards with them (in the form of a discount coupon).

In the other hand, referral programs will only provide you with a link - and that would be all. They won't be offering any guidance or training about how to promote their products or services. Some of them may offer a banner or a social media post template, but whom you would be showing those creative pieces, is up to you to figure out.


When we sat down to build our own referral program, we decided to make it very different than anything else out there. A fair program that rewards participants generously in more than one ways. But we didn't stop there. We know that referral links alone can't help you bring in visitors - and hopefully new customers - to our website. So, we decide to go beyond the mainstream practice and not only share our own creative pieces, but also our own funnel. The best part? Our cookies never expire. If a visitor you have referred to us, decides to buy even after two or three months, you still get your reward. No ifs, no buts.

'Here is the catch!' you may be thinking. 'They will be paying rewards when a certain threshold is reached, or once every several months.' And you would be wrong. As we said, we decided to do things entirely differently than anyone else. And this is true for payments, as well. We pay each and every month, by the end of the first week, for rewards accumulated for the previous month. No minimum threshold, no coupons, no nothing. You wish to be paid in fiat in your PayPal account? Fine! You wish to be paid in Ethereum? Fine again! And yes, we do accept payments in Ethereum from our customers.

But we didn't stop there. We wanted our program to be irresistible. We added to the rewards you get directly for sales you bring in, two more types of rewards: ownership of stock in the Company, and an additional 3% rewards pool, that is equally shared among our active referrers.

All rewards in the world though are worth nothing though, if you are thrown a plain text link in the face, and having to figure out everything from there. Although we do offer this option to more experienced referrers, most people have no idea on how to promote a product or service. In most cases, they will come up with the idea to write a post presenting the product, without knowing what to say in that post. End result? They either write a salesy post, or an entirely neutral one - with chances to achieve a conversion, next to zero. In our program we don't let you figure out anything, unless you wish to. We will always be here to offer you guidance and creative pieces that will match your audience interests.

But, we want to be honest and straightforward, from the beginning. There is a catch! Unlike all other referral programs, ours is not free to join - but not for everyone, and not right now.

Until the end of the month, you may join for free our Classic program, which is designed for those who have little or no experience. Although there will be a fee to join starting from September 1st, this will be just $4.95 so you can make it out from your first referral - even if that referral is you (because another thing we do differently, is that we do allow referral rewards for your own purchases). Our Master program, offering a lot more than the Classic one - this is already a long post, so we won't get into the Master program details - costs until the end of the month $19.95, while from September 1st the cost to join will go to $39.95 - but again, you may offset some or all the cost by purchasing a ScreenTag for yourself (although we do offer you one with our own branding).

'Why the catch?' you may ask.

It's simple! Our program is clearly not a one-size fits all. There is huge upfront cost that comes with that. So, we can't waste our limited resources with people who are simply curious, or anyway not serious about joining the program. In the other hand, we set the fees to join way below reasonable. And given that you will have the option to upgrade at any time, even if you join for free during August, the catch is in fact nonexistent.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us today, by visiting our referral program page. Welcome to the Other Side!


We created the most rewarding, transparent, and fair referral program. Join at https://www.screentag.mobi/affiliates

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