Phoneum is a Tron based token.


The developers behind this cryptocurrency have a few game apps, and one cloud mining app. I am more of a fan of the Tron based tokens/coins, so needless to say I had to give this one a try. I downloaded these apps together about 2 weeks ago.

They have Crypto Planet, Crypto Treasures, CO2 Cards, Crypto Cards, Crypto Connect 3, and of course their Cloud mining app.




Or they did have a cloud mining app. The app started giving me the message that it needed an update yesterday morning, but when I would click on the update button it would just endlessly spin on the play store. I looked up PHT Cloud Mining just through the Play Store app and at the moment it doesn't even exist in the store. To me that is pretty shady. Also, the notice did state that it could take a few hours to be available, well its been more then a few hours and the same thing is going on. Plus, an app just up and disappearing doesn't sit well with me. So, I sent an email to customer support on their website yesterday. They do say it can take up to 72 hrs to respond to messages so I am giving them that long before I write off their entire project personally.



Meanwhile, the general gist of each app is that you can earn PHT and some other tron based crypto by playing. However, unless you become a paid member you can't withdraw your tokens until you have 20,000 of them. You do earn them fairly fast, however each platform has a separate balance even though they are made by the same developers. So you literally have to get 20,000 from one and then some to cover transfers if you would like to pull it all out of every game. However, Crypto Connect 3 lets you know that you literally have to finish the last level before you can withdrawal. So that method would work theoretically for every app they have besides that one.

This is all pending whether they are actually legit or not and I will update this post once any of the above variables with the mining platform is resolved/changed.

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The "Ooo it's Shiny" Effect
The "Ooo it's Shiny" Effect

As I learn more about different cryptos I will put up posts about them and likely good wallets for them here. I know everyone is hyped about bitcoin (I'm one of you lol) but I always find learning about new cryptocurrencies interesting and few have caught my eye beyond the "ooo it's shiny" effect. So, I'm on the search for one that reaches me more personally.

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