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Sound of Whales Two by Will Jones

By Will Jones | The nSAIOL Matrix | 20 Dec 2021


Sound of Whales Two



fashion now,


a whale sounds ninja


tune invitro🤞

to all the dead guppies


auf/on the archipelagos


 a sordid glitch decentral


                                                      التشفير السائل vamoose

al-tashfir al-saeel


once upon a time wooed

lyric and digital festoon

fashion how a whale shrouds

pedantic synapse swoon

wake of fiat, cloud,


fandango and moon 

big fish unstaked

serene moody blues

sung gales of heartbreak typhoon

skies of grey velour and torrents


minced crab rangoon

blubber dip on currents

social hacienda

roledex dragnet


sell off monsoons


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Will Jones
Will Jones

I'm the pioneer, creator and believer of what I call the intellectual set technique. I simply appreciate spaces where tech and liberal arts creates a meta-life.

The nSAIOL Matrix
The nSAIOL Matrix

"Network Sounds And Images Of Life... Matrix" is an interest that details the success and aesthetic of my future. I love this stuff.

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