Nerva: 1 CPU = 1 Vote

By Farfalle | The Noodle | 9 Jan 2021

I, like many of you, got excited about cryptocurrency and wanted to mine some. I have a small, refurbished laptop that pretty much kept me out of it. I learned about a bunch of cpu minable coins, and tried a lot of pools. Mostly, I felt dejected. Even pool mining was getting me a few cents a week at best. I was thinking I came into this waaaay too late. Then I discovered Nerva.

Nerva is a privacy coin based on Monero's principles with one big change. Pools cannot function on the network. So, it's anti ASIC, GPU, and Pool. A 51% Attack would be nearly impossible. Most importantly, having everyone solo-mine means the playing field is much more level and much more decentralized. It has been around for a couple years, and is valued at about 2 cents right now. Most XNV is in circulation so I wouldn't say you're gonna get rich. Its commitment to keeping the network decentralized probably keeps out wide spread adoption. I would say it a great coin for one truly committed to the crypto currency ideals.

If you don't care about mining, the price had a 100% spike this past week so maybe pick some up on Trade Ogre just in case. They're also on the Nerva.Exchange and crateX. <- Not financial advise. ;)

Feels when you find a block

After mining half-days all week, I found a few dozen blocks while at ~200 h/s. The rewards are small (about 0.33 XNV), but they're all from my machine, which feels really good. The database is manageable too. Instead of needing ~100gb for something like monero, it's currently less than 2gb. 

I've been using their Command Line Interface, but they have a GUI too. It will sync with the database, function as a wallet, and mine if you wish. You can mine on linux, windows, and mac.

While it's not a huge community, there is still lots of development. This is from developer, Angrywasp, on discord last week "I'm currently working on an eth wrapper so we can create some potential use case for xnv within the DeFi sphere. Updated today to fix a recently exploited vulnerability in the monero p2p code. I'm working on a new rebase version of xnv and looking at potentially chain swapping to a brand new updated chain using previously noted wrapper token. Donated some money to help kids in the Ukraine with some community donations. And that's within the last 2 months."

I'm excited about this project! It feels like the most genuine thing I've come across in the crypto sphere (and yes I've tried the UBI projects.) It's private, fair, actually decentralized, and for now, small enough to fly under the radar. They don't get nearly enough recognition so I'm cheerleading.


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