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By Joao16 | The New Publish0x Times | 16 Jan 2022

This week was amazing for gamers. To start the week we had an announcement that everyone was expecting to happen 2 YEARS AGO, PUBG is finally free on STEAM. Some people of course don't like it because PUBG started to have a lot of hackers and others wanted something more to their game because they pay for a thing that is now free. Although it is happy news it has consequences but I really hope they can kick all the hackers because I am tented to play it!


And if you are a PC player you must get happier after the announcement of God of War on PC, something that we all wanted to happen since the beginning but at least it is happening now, let's see when it is going to be released, hopefully this year would be amazing... but only time will tell us.


Another week, another free game and this time is an underrated game you should own it called Relicta, this is a fantastic game, a little bit like Alien, a little bit like No Man's Sky, and with some puzzles, if you like that form 20th to 27th in January he is free on Epic Games.


Finally, if you are a CSGO fan you must have heard about FALLEN, he announced yesterday the new Brazillian team he create to win the Major, with big players like FER, FNX, BOLTZ, and VINI. Currently Fallen is still in Team Liquid but not for very long as his leaving announcement already came out weeks ago.


This is a test article, I talked about some news but if I see it has engagement I'll do it more often with all the big news happening at the time...





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