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1 Month of Publish0x | Earnings and Thanks You All For The Support

By Joao16 | The New Publish0x Times | 21 Jan 2022

Thank you Publish0x!

At the begging of this year, I made a lot of resolutions, one of them was to improve my writing and my English. Finding out about Publish0x was a blessing because I could do my resolutions and at the same time have a place where I can earn some crypto.


I also made some goals on publish0x :

  • Post every day
  • Earn 1$


Their not unbelievable goals but I didn't wanna start with high hopes because if I could not make them this article would be a sad one. But to my surprise not only did I make 3 of them but I also got way above what I was expecting. Since my first post I made more than 7000 views, almost 250 likes and 3,50$ like I said way beyond what I was expecting and for that I am truly thankful for all of the support I received from all of you and a special thanks to all the people who are following me, I did not make a goal about the followers but I was expecting to reach 50 and I currently have 61 <3.


I just couldn't post every day, when I was starting I was honestly thinking that posting every day would be easier and that would be the only goal I was going to made but turns out that everything I was expecting did not happen and although I am happy for the other ones I am a little bit disappointed with me with this one, but next month I am not gonna do that mistake again...


Because my next goals for February will be:

  • 15000 Views (in a total of course)
  • 500 likes (also in total)
  • At least 15 posts
  • Earn 2,50$
  • 100 Followers (in total too)


For more content like this tip me if you can! thank u :)

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