My journey with NFTs, so far...

My journey with NFTs, so far...

Hello world! 

I'm gonna make a brief walktrought of how I've stabilished a home for my NFTs with Tezos and Hic Et Nunc

Why, and How.

Why? Its cheaper, cleaner and faster than the eth network. The cheap gas fees made it possible for me to make a few nfts and sold them. All my tempts of minting gas free or cheap, wasn't good or never happened.

How? I've got 2 tezos and then, started my journey. Grabbed a few pieces of apps, and started my production at the smartphone.

Nft 2

Nft 3

Made these arts and go to the work.

For a while, I've tried the cause was gas free, ( I couldn't afford 100$ gas at any other market ) made the mints, but no response at all, no views, no bids, nada.

Foundation requires a invite that I couldn't have, so I don't know how it works.

Rarible and Opensea costs are way too high for me to mint, so only work, no fun.

Superrare demands a sign up form, video and original 3 - 5 arts that I didn't have at the time, cause I was rushing for selling my art and posting everywhere I could.

And I got tired of looking for places and being hitted by a hardwall.

So, back to Hic Et Nunc was a natural movement, then I choosed to go in deeper at it.

Then I've made a new piece and got it minted. April's 15, World Art Day, lets fingercross and hope its gonna work.

Nft 4

Made another test, a series of 120, 1 tezo each.

And then, a sale! Just post it and got a collector!

At random, but my investments are giving results.

Then another sale.

So I decided to give it a try, and boost the audience.

I've posted at Instagram, hoping for some results, but no response, just the usual likes and comments, but no sale at all.

Then I've remenbered the twitter, something that I'm not confortable with, and give it a try. Go for the @hicetnunc2000, and the #cleannft tags, and started looking for collectors posts and a few friendly artists that allowed me to post at their nft threads.

Was nice to know how the artists are friendly toward the community, and helping each other ( hicetnunc artists )

Then I got 2 more sales with this strategy, and call it a day. 

After that I've gone toward the discord channel of hicetnunc and found a nice community their too. They have a newbie helping program, that distribute tezos ( 0,33 xtz ) for begginers to help then mint.

You can donate Tezos to their fountain here:


To improve your profile fill this form

Their wiki have all the info do you need.

I like the clean website layout, with simple tabs and system. The minting its easy, and everyone has the creation and collection tab, making it much easier to see the art. 

Lacks a search system, its not that easy to find artwork, so a huge problem for collectors, and for artists as well, demanding the use of other tools to help spread the art and found buyers, but its really the best option I've found until now.

While I was writing this, I've found a nice article about the tezos and hicetnunc with good information about how the tezos system works, some good tools, the low heat tezos consuming aspect and more. So, if you are interested go here

So, thats it for now. I will try to write my journey with the NFTs and shared it with artists hoping to help somehow.

Thank you! 

My hicetnunc profile


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The New Formidable Taurus
The New Formidable Taurus

Hello World! I'm an artist with passion for technology, sci-fi, comics and inovations. I'm new here and is a new universe for me, so I want to share the experiences that I have into the blockchain world, like an artist, with people who find themselves at the same place, looking out for some guidance, or sometimes simple advices. Lets see what happens.

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