GTA V free to claim until the 21st. Lego Ninjago until the 22nd.

By nanoflowerdemon | The Nanocave | 15 May 2020

Recently Epic Games have been giving away free copies of certain games. I've had the pleasure of playing Just Cause 4 and right now I'm playing through Amnesia: The Dark Descent. But, at this very moment, you can claim GTA V Premium Edition for free on the Epic Store. At least until the 21st of May. They made the game free to claim yesterday but cause of high traffic the Epic Store has ended up going down. After it was back up the traffic was mitigated and download speeds were limited. It should be back to normal now and you can go and claim your copy. It was a surprise to me that Epic servers couldn't handle high traffic considering they boast the fact they have over a 100 000 000 users. But what do I know, I'm not exactly an expert in running an online game store.

Similarly, over on the Steam store, "Lego Ninjago The Movie Video Game" is free to claim until the 22nd. I am completely unfamiliar with this game and what it's about but there's no harm in grabbing it for free.

There seem to be a lot of free games being given away lately. Mostly under the same "free to claim until a certain date" model. Some of these games are absolutely a steal so I will try to keep up with future releases.

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