The beautiful rap of Colérik Man

By Louky | The music focus | 4 Dec 2021

Colérik Man


sent us his latest single and we really needed to introduce you to friends of the cryptosphere and fan of music





Native of Lévis, QC, Canada. As a child, Olivier, also known under the pseudonym Colérik Man, was secretive, shy and very introverted.


His school career was fraught with difficulties, especially knowing that he was evolving at the same time in a dysfunctional family. Soon he developed symptoms akin to depression as well as anxiety, so he turned to alcohol and drug use.


It wasn't until he was 16, exhausted and unable to leave his home, that he had the courage to take the microphone for the first time.


He subsequently discovered a real passion for music, which he saw as a cathartic way to exteriorize his emotions and to overcome his everyday discomfort.


Today, he wants his music and life experience to inspire as many people as possible to face their own inner demons.














Multi-talented independent artist, Colérik Man comes back to us on a sound

melodious and captivating while remaining faithful to old school rap. Straight out of the depths of the underground, it is through these words path that he expresses to us his unconditional love

for music.


It is through well-crafted hip-hop instrumentals, its unique flow and its life experience.

that Colérik Man wishes to inspire as many people as possible to transcend their emotional blockages and

to face their own inner demons through work on oneself.


Colérik Man is a Franco-Canadian rapper who never ceases to surprise with his new song








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