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Between space and cyberspace LEA ELKA creates her world 

A little more information with her biography 

Sorry for my English buddy who read this post the lyrics is in french , its metaverse and so personal that this experience and for me universal watch the video on my instagram to understand a little more the universe of lea .






Léa ELKA, "Raise your head in the moon".
She quickly turned to music and artistic subjects. She shares the dream of many young girls of her age: to become a singer!
Passionate, she learns the piano, then starts to compose her first songs in her room.
In high school, she formed her first music group: Les Mojo. It is with them that she tasted the stage as an artist for the first time!
After obtaining her baccalaureate in applied arts, she studied design with the aim of working on the sets of shows, concerts and cinema.
At the same time, she sings on weekends in Parisian train stations.
In spite of this low quality place, the public is there! She gets a few dates to sing in restaurants and events where she will play her first compo. She graduated from ENSAAMA (National School of Applied Arts) in 2016.

The reason tells her to continue her studies, the heart cries out to her to escape from this conventional scheme to live her passions: the stage, music, the show. The choice of the heart is made.

Sociable and a leader at heart, she first worked as an animator in vacation clubs and then became a choreographer for Club Med. She then staged her first shows on the other side of the world where she mixed dancing and singing.
Back in France, she joined Disneyland Paris as a parade performer, where she stayed 5 months.
To work in a burlesque cabaret, she learns pole dance, which allows her to have a role in a movie as a dancer, and then a recurring role in the series Plus Belle La Vie.
On the other hand, she continues to work on her songs and decides to start her own production.
With music in her blood, she writes and produces her own music and video clips with great determination.
She likes to create a graphic universe around her musical compositions and to merge styles and different arts that animate her (singing, dancing, drawing, theater, pole dancing...)


Her first project was released at the beginning of 2021, and the rest will follow soon!







A soaring music,
A poetic, contemplative clip...
Between space and depth a contemporary dance in a fantastic universe inspired by avatar, matrix and the fifth element.
Where are we ?


This project required 1 month of apnea classes to achieve this performance at 5 meters deep.

A daring clip without any special effects!

And for this performance, we had to make a video presentation, because it's just incredible the video has asked a considerable work and for all our team it strongly reflects the text put forward the algorithm of his heart in an instant
For us, this music is clearly in tune with the times, where the human being has increased his evolution tenfold thanks to technology, a bit like the tirade that Leon will find on the scenario of cyberpunk and the concession that the human being makes with the machines.
An adventure as complex as our feelings through this life, this vision of things in weightlessness in a world frebrile, gives us the impression to accompany him in a kind of interstellar journey through his art thanks to this voice so textural.

We love it and we are almost sure that you will love it too


As usual you can find our video focus on our instagram from this LINK






Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/track/3WoaWNSKjr2HgriNs8dhi3?si=e54e1db48bd04856

deezer : https://deezer.page.link/NhQQXWLf2pHhdgMLA

youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbdLLNOhHx8



Director/Model - Lea ELKA Ass

Director -ILARDO Silvio and CIOFFI Florian Chief Operator - LAUTERS Arthur

1st Ass Camera - GUIGNIER Julie Chief Electro - MASSET Benjamin

Electro - PETIT Léo

Machino - MORVAN Benoit

Chief Stage Manager - LUSBEC Orlane

Assistant Director - DESMERGER Léo

Team diving association of Val de Fontenay FEJAN Yann SERAFINI Thierry SERGENT Jean Louis ALQUIER David

Tattoo by MARTY TATOO- Paris République

Manicure by NAILS BY KRISTEL - Paris Chatelet

Montage Clip - REE


Production /Musical composition - Léa KEREL and ILARDI Silvio - LOCAL 15 Studio

Beat and recording at NEOM FACTORY by EGHBAL Nina HASSINE Anthony BERTRAND Camille
















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