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J. Character interview with Good Panda Selection

By Louky | The music focus | 22 Dec 2021

Good panda selection présent J. Character :




J. Visage de personnage noir avec masque

Artist name : J. Character

Members : Jordan Character

Age : 25

City : New Orleans

Nationality : United States 

Nationalité : Américaine

Released tracks : Jade , Flip Flop , FREE HOE , CARRIE , Earth War et Red Pepper

Released Album : Well Fed Vol. 1 , Shadow Tales EP , Dimension 13

Streaming stores : YouTube , Spotify , Apple Music , Deezer , ect...


J. Personnage avec lumière bleue sous un pont

• Who is behind J. Character ?

J. Character is the nickname of creator Jordan Character, 25, born in New Orleans, LA, and raised there until hurricane Katrina. Jordan is a survivor, a musician from birth and in conception, and a healer for all those who allow that energy.

Jordan pushes the perseverence represented in their own life through their music which changes flavor and languages to represent the different emotions and perspectives we need to overcome In the lifetime pursuit of happiness.


• How did this stage name come out from?

The stage name developed after previously choosing a given nickname, ‘Caretaker.’ The name J. Character came when I realized that I was one of a kind and the most unique name was given to me to be embraced.

The name also adds up to 10, which in numerology Is 1, representing unity and the energy that I embody trying to unite people of color with their asian cousins- primarily in China, Korea, and Taiwan.


• How was your passion for music born and when did it turn into a job?

My passion for music was inherited as I was raised in the legendary music capital New Orleans, Louisiana. There came a point after going through some hefty traumatizing events where music turned into a therapy and an inspiration for those closest to me and myself.


• How did you end up to J. Character project and with which goal?

I have always taken opportunity seriously and I expect myself to do it even more so. I worked hard to earn this with my learning and consistent output of good music as well as my resourcefulness in searching for an awesome playlist to collaborate with and raise the awareness of my presence.


What are your artistic references?

I would happily say A$AP Mob, LL Cool J, Biggie Smalls, Prince, Rich the Kid, Jayden and Lil Wayne


• How would you define the style of your productions?

With a car culture and mosh pit club speakers in mind, my production is a range of asian flavors, latin flavors, and my own unique upbeat, ambient, and rap beat combination. Travis Scott and Metro Boomin always had beats that really captivated me so I have to give that credit as well.

My bass comes in slapping and my voice is buttery smooth or crispy depending on the optimal blend.


• You already have a very large discography and have collaborated with artists around the world. What were the most important moments of your career in the music industry and how has your music evolved over time?

The most significant moments for me would be developing in the studio in New Orleans with Juels Jackson, a producer of Kevin Gates, creating and performing, integrating Mandarin in Chengdu, China, learning beat making and mixing/mastering in Los Angeles, and the time I spent performing and growing my fanbase in Atlanta.

My music has evolved in its range, its catchiness, its emotions, and in the basic conscience level  that I reside in to make and write my music. Constantly seeking to pave my own lane changes the industry everyday before and after its large-scale discovery.


• What are the most recent releases of  J. Character ?

Most recently following my first album Well Fed Vol. 1 is my EP Shadow Tales and several amazing singles such as FREE HOE, Chozen, and Jade.


• What are your plans for the future? 

In the future I will release a global multi lingual album produced primarily by me, I plan to have more layered music videos that portray a powerful message when solved, and I am dreaming of a tour across the world or any continent.

I don’t have any specific dreams for label representation but I do plan to do far more than just music; I will include film, health, and spirituality in my creativity to create more engaging experiences, moments, and memories for my supporters.


• Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

Nothing will ever feel as good as seeing me perform live, so I suggest catching a show and being ready to jump. My music videos are one of my most impressive areas, as well as my modeling. Keep up with me, I'll never stop making beats, lyrics, nor masterpieces.



J. Caractère for Good panda selection 


Instagram:  https://instagram.com/ jcharactermusic

Facebook:  https://facebook.com/ jcharactermusic

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/ canal / UCvcL8yY1-- 8uLpIcS43x6uw

Spotify :  J. Character sur Spotify

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