How To Start A Compost Pile

By Tyler393 | The Mr. Gardener | 24 Feb 2022

Today Mr. Gardener is here to talk about and teach you on how to start your own compost pile. A compost pile is what most gardener lovers call Black gold or free garden soil from free recyclable product. Now you may be asking yourself what free product and how do I go about getting some of this free product. Well today Mr. Gardener is going to explain what and how to get this free product as well as how to build your own compost pile at home.
What you need to start a Compost Pile • A area in your yard (optional) a compost barrel. • Brown Materials • Green Materials • A Water Hose or water can
When you found a area to start a compost pile then it’s time to start with the even mixture of Brown Materials and Green material. A brown material is things like dead material like • Dead Sticks or wood • Fallen Leaves • Old Pulled Weeds From the garden • any plant material this is dead   After you collected all your brown material now you need to start collecting your green material. A green material is • Fresh Food Scraps like banana peels, old or new bell peppers, old or half used lettuce and any other type of fruit or vegetable scraps. • Fresh Grass Clippings • New Fresh Pulled Garden Weeds • Any thing that has been freshly picked from the garden and or yard.   Now after you have your brown materials and your green materials and your area you want to start your compost pile. Now all you have to do is throw your brown material and your green material all in a pile and start mixing your materials together. Now the next step is to wet the material with a hose or a watering can until the mixture is like a damp sponge nothing more not to wet just right. Now if you start to smell something like sewage coming from the pile it is most likely because you overwatered the pile.   I recommend to water it the first time then after that let the weather like the rain from mother nature do her thing. Now in about a year of occasionally stirring up the pile your compost of green material and brown material will start to look like garden soil aka black gold and then you can add it to your garden bed, indoor potted plants and garden. Now your plants with thank you for it by providing you with beautiful green leaves and produce.

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