5 Vegetables To Grow Indoors During The Winter

By Tyler393 | The Mr. Gardener | 22 Feb 2022

So now your stuck indoors after the growing season is over and you begin to ask yourself what kind of plants can I grow indoors? Well the Mr. Gardener is here to tell you about what kind of vegetables you can grow indoors by providing you 5 different types of vegetable plants you can grow during the winter months.
Things You Need is: • 1 growing area in home that has no cold drafts. • A table to grow your plants on. • Some Vegetable seeds. • (optional) a grow light if you do not have a Sunny room. • A room with a temperature of 75 degrees • Something to place soil in and with drainage holes in the bottom of it. • Potting Soil • A Watering can   Vegetable Plant # 1 is a tomato plant when you plant your tomato seeds they need a temperature of about 70 degrees to make the seeds sprout. When you are watering your seedlings they only require very little water I recommend to keep the soil like a sponge not dripping wet. After your seedlings start to grow water more often over time. To see if you need to water your plants place your finger in the soil if the soil sticks to your finger hold off a for a day but if the soil does not then it is time to water it. Now tomatoes require full sun or a grow light any light will do. Now a tomato plant takes about 3 months to grow tomatoes.
Vegetable Plant # 2 is the Lettuce plant when seeding lettuce they need to be about 1 inch apart from each other so I recommend to grow one seed per pot depending on how big the pot is. When you grow lettuce from seed the same watering technique for the tomato plants goes for the lettuce plants as well as all vegetable and garden plants in pots. Now when you grow lettuce it can take about 3 months to get your harvest. Now lettuce plants love to grow in temperatures of 70 degrees.   Vegetable Plant# 3 is the green bean or what most gardeners call them is the Pole Bean there are so many varieties of green beans out there for example if you like longer green beans look for a Kentucky Pole Bean they can grow up to about 4 inches in length but if your not picky about the length any green beans will do. Now Green Beans can take about 4 months to get your first harvest and after you get your harvest let the plant keep growing because the more you pick your green beans the plant will grow more green beans. Each green bean plant can give you about 2 full picks worth. Green beans love to grow in temperatures of about 75 degrees.   Vegetable Plant # 4 is the Onion plant when you grow onions in pots the pot needs to be large. I recommend to get a 2 gallon pot to grow onions in the reason is because like taller plants like the tomato plant grow up from the garden and the onions like to grow under the soil. Now to know when it is time to harvest the onions wait until you start to see the green grass type stuff start to turn brown and die and you start to see the onion peek out of the top of the soil. I recommend to seed onions about 2 inches apart. Onions love to grow in temperatures of 70 degrees.   Vegetable plant # 5 is like the onion and it is the potato plant now like the onion plant they grow from seed. Now on how to grow a potato plant you need some seeding potatoes look at the photo below of what a seeding potato looks like. Now when you grow potatoes in a pot full of soil you need something like grow bags. Grow bags are big tarp like pots that are perfect for any indoor plant because they never break or rip and they are good to use for a lifetime if you would like to purchase some grow bags they are available under the shop section of this website. Now potatoes take about 4 months to get your harvest and when it is time to harvest all the green on top will turn brown and die. The temperature that potatoes love to grow in is about 65 to 70 degrees          


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