Win with ETN part#1

ETN for Crypto Money Enthusiasts
If we need to define the Electroneum, we should emphasize that it is a block chain-based payment platform specifically designed for use on mobile devices such as smartphones. Electroneum has some features that are the first developments in the world of crypto currency. For example, the Tan Know Your Customer ”system called KYC and the ML Anti-Money Laundering” system called AML are the first features of Electroneum. Electroneum's crypto money, ETN, is engaged in mining using mobile tools.

A loyal and determined fan base
ETN has a loyal and determined fan base. In this respect, ETN's market strategy is in a trend of growth on the Internet. As of January 2019, this growth brought 2.7 million registered users to ETN.

The project has around 129,000 influential Twitter followers. As a result, approximately 143,000 Facebook users are also interested. This is really interesting. Because Facebook is not a platform that broadcasts for unknown encrypted money projects. Most crypto currencies don't even have a Facebook page. This shows that there is a strong fan base dedicated to crypto money. In fact, this is exactly what every encrypted currency team wants and wants.

ETN has a strong performance
Of course, the fact that Bitcoin has 22 Million Wallets does not indicate that 22 Million people are using Bitcoin today, of course, 2.7 million registered users cannot be a criterion for active use. However, ETN has a very strong performance. This also proves the high level of integration with large players such as the Google Play Store.

Team of 12
ETN's 12-person core development team is led by Richard Ells, co-founder of SiteWizard. ETN's first goal in early 2017 was to replace in-game currencies in mobile games. For this reason, gaming platforms were extremely natural formations for mobile payments. The UK-based project focuses on developing economies, mostly with a population with no or few bank accounts.

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