The Value of Charles Hoskinson's Most Recent Talk

By BrynnB | The Modern Crypto Man | 4 Sep 2020

Rough days. That's all that Charles Hoskinson used as a title for his new YouTube monologue today, Sept 4. And it's all it needed. The video is currently his most watched video in multiple weeks, at just over 16k views.


For many, market dips are hated. Being in the red, or heading to rek city, is not something anyone wants. But crypto markets are volatile. Indeed, they are arguably the most volatile in all the world. Yet through his talk, Charles formulates an incredibly positive outlook despite the rather dismal current crypto market performance.

1. Long term, we will win
As I mentioned in my previous article on DeFi Fomo, one of the things that comforts me is to know that we are still early to this game. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are disruptive. They are waking people up to the fact that our current systems are unsustainable and undesirable, to say the least. Hoskinson asks,

"You have to ask yourself, "Are you happy with the way that society is? Are you happy with the money in your pocket? Are you happy with the political leadership representing your nation? Are you happy with your future?""

If we can see further than the end of our noses and realise the incredible potential this space has, I believe more and more projects of increasing magnitude will flood the ecosystem and build followings. Not because of their tokens, but because of what their technology can do for your and my countries, and for the whole world.

2. We have purpose
What matters is our purpose. Trolls don't matter. Bad days in the market don't matter. Just as previously mentioned, we will win in the long term. The value of the work we do in crypto today is that it is driven by purpose. If you are driven by other motives, that's great. You can make a lot of money here. You can meet great people in this community. But ultimately, the most powerful and fulfilling motive will boil down to purpose. This is why I am studying to become a blockchain developer. Coming from a country plagued by corruption and fraud, I have a vision for a just and transparent nation that serves its people through the immutable blockchain. This driving factor will lead me to win in the long term, even if I am losing in the short.
The principles that blockchain as a whole stands for are shared, knowingly or unknowingly, by all of us. Just because we have woken up to it first does not mean others will not wake up. Truly, we are seeing a massive paradigm shift between generations - and it will only increase in velocity and power as we continue to struggle with the current socio-economic crisis our world is facing.

For those who would like to watch the full talk, click here. I cannot recommend it enough.


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