What is the best way to MAKE MONEY on BINANCE?

By Lucasgaio | The Microcoiner | 2 Jun 2021

Don't just be a HODLer. Increase your crypto.

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Its online platform offers many investment solutions, some simple with low risk-return and others more complex and suitable for experienced traders, with returns of close to 50% per year. It is very important to know this type of business as it allows you to increase your money simply by holding it on Binance. Today we will focus on the possibility of renting your savings.

1. Flexible savings

In the "flexible savings" section it is possible to add our cryptocurrencies of the spot wallet to obtain a fixed and low return. This is the simplest method to use as a simple click is enough to move the coins and they begin to gain interest. The APY is calculated on the average of the last 7 days and is generally not very high, however it is possible to redeem our liquidity instantly and at any time.

2. Locked savings

Here too we have a type of business that is very simple to use and which shares some characteristics with the previous one: zero commissions, low risk and slightly higher return. There are fewer currencies in this section and the type of deposit is not redeemable instantly but you have to wait a certain time, set at the time of subscription.

3. Activities

Offers not always available, demand is very high and there are few places. Here the returns are generally high (10 to 20%).

4. Staking

For "Proof of Stake" cryptocurrencies it is possible to hold funds in a wallet to support the operations of a blockchain network. This process is called staking and can be done independently, risking making mistakes, or directly on Binance in a very simple way. Here you will find many coins and you can choose the time for which to bind each of them and receive proportional interest.

5. Launchpool

Lanchpool is the platform where the new tokens are launched. Here you rent your funds and get returns in the form of these tokens. You can find HERE the last token in Binance's Launchpool. 

6. BNB Vault

For those who hold Binance's currency, BNB, you can use this service aggregator that offers combined returns by leveraging Launchpool, and Savings.

7. Staking ETH 2.0

Those who want to join Ethereum 2.0 staking can do so directly on Binance, obtaining both the return as a percentage of the blocked amount, and an equal amount of a token called BETH, which can be traded.

8. Binance Card

A slightly different way to get an income is to use the Binance Card: a card that allows you to spend cryptocurrencies or fiat coins earning up to 8% cashback in BNB. It is a very useful way to accumulate it as it can be used in all circuits, it can be connected to services such as Google Pay, ApplePay, Paypal and Amazon.

9. Liquid-Swap

Liquid-Swap is Binance's liquidity strategy. Here it is possible to add a pair of coins without paying any commission to obtain both an income on what you have deposited, and a small percentage in BNB. You can also add or withdraw only one of the two coins, but in this case you will pay a small fee.

10. Referral Program

The last way to get an annuity is the referral program. Thanks to this program it is possible to invite your friends to enter the world of cryptocurrencies through the Binance exchange, obtaining an additional discount on trading fees. The invitee decides the percentage of the discount (from 5 to 20%) and receives an income on the friend's buying and selling activity. it is possible to generate up to 20 referral-links with different percentages like this one, which offers 10% discount forever:







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