456 Collector’s Club In NYC for NFT NYC


The NFT industry is no doubt one of the most unique groups of people. The industry has paved the way for the consumer to build and become closer with the owners of companies, so much so that NFT NYC brought everyone together in one place. All around NYC many different NFT collections hosted events for holders and the public to meet and hangout as well as see some sneak peaks. Zevi G took his 456 Collector’s Club NFT to NFT NYC to showcase his artwork, educate new collectors and most importantly take care of loyal holders. A night out was provided for holders of the 456 Collectors club at the Musica Nightclub where Scott Page from Pink Floss, professional soccer player Rafa Ocasta, and Canadian DJ Dzeko met with holders at the kickoff party. Zevi G as well hosted a dinner at Tao where holders got to enjoy the Sky Box at the restaurant and have a full meal with Zevi G himself and fellow holders all complimentary for being a holder of the NFT.


456 Collector’s Club is an NFT Collection created by artist Zevi G, on the ethereum blockchain. A total of 4,560 NFT’s are in this collection all with their own unique traits available to purchase on the secondary market at Zevi G wanted to take NFT’s to new heights and being an artist he wanted to provide and create his own art to give to loyal holders of the NFT. Showcased at NFT NYC was the figurines that holders can expect to receive absolutely free for just being a holder of the 456 Collector’s Club NFT. The prototypes were displayed for the first time at the event along with the print copies that you will receive that’s signed by Zevi G himself. Zevi G wanted to bridge the physical and digital world together and he found the way to do so with his passion for art and skill set to create he set in his mind to not make you outsource to have a physical piece of your NFT, but that he would provide the physical piece in the respective color of your NFT to you. This is one of the factors that set’s the 456 collectors club apart from many other collections.


Zevi G has put himself out there to really build with the community. Going live twice a week on Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, as well as joining in the Discord, is where you can conversate and stay updated with Zevi G and the 456 Collectors club. The stage is set where you can learn about the collection and meet the artist and hear the vision from him directly. During NFT NYC the Discord was the key communication where holders had a chat that he were able to talk in to put together when/where everyone was going to meet. This allowed for a successful smoothe safe experience for holders of the 456 collectors club to come together and meet. Restaurant and a nightclub experience all hosted by Zevi G is only the beginning of what is to continue to come with the 456 Collectors Club NFT’s. Be sure to keep up to date with the Discord as well as Zevi G’s Instagram where you can see what sneak peaks Zevi G has up his sleeve.

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