Why this coin is the next big thing in crypto and why you should buy it

By Pyratellama | THe_LoOny_LLamA | 6 Mar 2020

In this article I will talk about a really interesting coin called Suterusu. I will keep this as simple and short as possible.


What this technology does is really cool. It can make any blockchain transfer with total privacy and encryption. I'm not an expert on this technology so you're better off learning the technical jargon from an expert. But what I do know is that this has huge potential. Think about it, literally any blockchain could choose to pair with SUTER. In fact IOST just did. 

The cost of the coin is cheap right now and could easily double when bitcoin goes up just 10%. You can buy SUTER on ETORO, BIthumb global, and KuCoin. 

Thats it! Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think in the comments.



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