The Democratic Primary Election and how it will effect Financial Markets

By Pyratellama | THe_LoOny_LLamA | 11 Mar 2020

Wall Street can breath a sigh of relief tonight. As of writing this it looks like Joe Biden won the night.


Joe will win Idaho, Michigan, Missouri and Mississippi. Bernie Sanders will likely win North Dakota, however Washington is a dead heat. Either way those two states go Joe Biden has won which is good for the financial markets. Joe Biden has consistently supported pro business legislation throughout his career. He is one of the most conservative Democrats in the public eye at this moment, and throughout the years. Compared to Bernie Sanders he's a moderate Republican. This is why this could help the markets. 351665157-f5cfa7b1ed55840c5c727c030d5ecdb1591ae158f9b511c6dfab5688d79689b7.png

Bernie Sanders represented a dramatic shift in economic and social policies, such a change is always chaotic for financial markets. While he may be great for the average working person in the country, he is a threat to large institutions. We may never see if the trickle up theory works in the United States. 

The markets rebounded today a bit which in my opinion was a natural bounce on the way down. The markets may do a little more rebounding tomorrow based off tonights election results but as the Corona Virus keeps making news and slowing production worldwide the markets will react negatively.


A Biden vs Trump election would be good for the markets. A Trump win might be slightly better, however each time Trump has acted "reckless" over the last few years the markets have taken a dive. Overall since Trump has been in office the Markets have been doing historically great. I wonder if the markets would prefer Biden or Trump. What do you think?

The race isn't over yet. Bernie Sanders has one great last stand coming shortly. There will be a debate next week, and if Joe has a bad blunder, which the odds are pretty good he will, then Sanders will have an opening at the next primary election. If Bernie doesn't win in a meaningful way this thing is over and it will be Biden vs Trump. And in that matchup I'm pretty confident That Donald J Trump will have another four years.

Do you think Bernie has a chance? If it's Biden vs Trump who wins? Let me know in the comments.

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