Coronavirus self-isolation - Day 34-35

By Heruvim78 | The longevity gene | 26 Apr 2020

The weekend is here, and tomorrow is the big day. I am getting paid and i will find out if i am paid 100% or just 80% as they said on TV. I will prefer the first option, but if that is not the case, i can still manage. I got a little scare as somebody at my partner workplace was tested positive with COVID-19, but that was Monday and there are no signs until now, 7 days after, so probably everything is alright. Almost! I think i am having too much caffeine daily, and i really need to decrease that amount, but i do not know how tired i will feel after that. 

I did my usual routine (guitar, spanish, Casa de Papel) and i was for a walk/drive to buy some food and drinks. I tried some melatonin, as i read that it is beneficial in the interaction with Coronavirus, and i am also having foods with high vitamic C content (i am having a huge bush of parsley in my garden, and i am very proud of it). I am noot looking forward to get the virus, but some people around me are starting to be tested positive. I am doing my best to avoid everyone at this moment. And i use a mist dispenser with volatile oils (mainly eucalyptus and mints as antivirals and lavender to calm down). Some of my measures may be ineffective, but i am trying them just in case they will tip the balance in my favor. 

Coronavirus stats

As for today, we have 2,987,098 cases globally, with 1,083,160 closed cases (out of which 206,681 (19%) deaths). We are getting close to 3 millions cases, but the mortality percentage dropped another 1 percent, all the way to 19%, so we may have the infection decreasing,  right after the peak (22% mortality 2 weeks ago). Keep in mind that 1% of 2.5 millions is 25.000 less deaths, so this is huge. In UK we got 152840 cases and 20,732 deaths. But the UK deaths number is only about the deaths from the hospital, and any other external death is not included. You may feel a bit cheated as you find out this little detail. So in fact the number can be much higher. In my town there are 381 confirmed cases and 88 deaths. A bit scary now. 

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The longevity gene
The longevity gene

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