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Audius Is Not Impressive

By TabbyTabby | The Lonely Places | 24 Sep 2021



At the risk of being a black sheep, let me say that I appreciate the concept and how it's structured, but the end product is unimpressive.

First, the music just isn't there. They don't have a lot of different styles of music to listen to, although the music filters tell you something: 11 different kinds of electronic music -- one kind of metal. What a joke. (Anyone get the Deliverance reference there?)

Second, other filters are sorely missing. Can you search by date of release? Nope. Can you search by length of song? Nope. Can you exclude profanity? Nope. It got old finding something that piqued my non-metal interests and then the F-bombs show up. Skip. Why can't we filter out stuff we don't want to hear? It's the Netflix disease all over again, where unrated means anything from Twilight Zone to hardcore porn.

Third, it's backed by Katy Perry and Tiktok. Maybe I should have set my expectations lower? :)

Fourth, it has big music insider money thrown at it. Even Rolling Stone notes that the last time this happened was with Tidal, and well, that didn't turn out so well, did it? Color me suspicious. 

The proof was in the pudding, though. I hung around for two weeks and couldn't find anything I really cared about.

Audius gives me the impression that it's a half-baked pet project by music insiders who really don't care about any artists but themselves. It's self-indulgence fueled by blockchain novelty and people into cut-and-paste rhythms.

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