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As I’ve mentioned in a precious post, I’m using the SwissBorg Community app to test out my skills in predicting Bitcoin’s trend on a daily basis. After almost two weeks, I predicted correctly 8 outta 13. Not quite good, but not so bad either. I’ve lost pretty much all of my big calls (5k or 10k points), which ain’t that good, because my ranking sucks at this moment.

The app incentivizes daily predictions by stating that if you’re in the top 20000 users, judging by the points made by correctly predicting the price of Bitcoin, by logging in daily and by earning achievemnts, you get between 15k $ (top position) and 5$ (positions 11k to 20k). I’m at 69k something at the moment, my best was at around 30k.

In addition to that, if an user gets all the 16 badges/achievements, he or she enters the Hall of Fame, getting a 250$ reward.

Each badge has three levels you gotta achieve. Here’s the breakdown of all the badges:

1. The ‘Popular’ badge (level 1 - invite 3 people; level 2 - invite two more people; final level - invite 15 more people - ouch). I got two outta three done.

2. The ‘Psychic’ badge (tier 1 - complete 10 correct forecasts). I’m at 8 right now, hopefully 9 today.

3. The ‘Risk Taker’ badge (make daring bets, using the 1k points, 5k points and 10k points options). Easy, I’ve killed it fast. Lost all my 5k or 10k bets, but I got that badge. Yay.

4. The ‘Overachiever’ badge (tier 1 - earn 25k points). Remember how I’ve lost my big bets? Yeah, I’m at 10k points right now, this will be hard.

5. The ‘Loyal’ badge - log in on a daily basis to get all tiers done (tier 3 - log in 21 days in a row).

So, while it seems the prize for getting all the badges is really good (250$), it’s also quite a pain to get there. Good luck with that, it will take a while but gey, it’s a free buck. It’s a lot of free bucks actually.

In the glorious ending, here’s my referral code (WFV2MAQ), that will land us both 3k points without breaking a sweat. You can download the app, which looks and runs smooth by the way, on both App store and Play store. It’s completely free and it doesn’t require too much of your data (even the email ia optional).

Enjoy predicting!


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