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A channel dedicated to reviewing books, periodicals, articles, movies, music. As much entertainment as knowledge, the Library also provides Pros and Cons, letting you get a quick takeaway while also offering more discussions about the work being reviewed. The content reviewed here is often linked to the material of The Archive and Intelli Gaming, two other blogs here on Publish0x by the same author. Thank you for your visit and enjoy the content.

50 Articles Milestone

26 Nov 2021 8 minute read 4 comments The Archivist

When I originally joined Publish0x, it was with the intention of providing quick cryptocurrencies updates. I published in English and French at first and then realised that I could also import my Blog onto the platform. That Blog, which still lives i...

Presenting Alfred Hitchcock Presents

1 Nov 2021 6 minute read 0 comments The Archivist

(The Library: Article) It is my pleasure to present to you the realisation of Alfred Hitchcock, which is aptly titled: Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Because in this anthology, Alfred Hitchcock did present. And he presented well. What he presented is not...

King's Cujo

30 Oct 2021 4 minute read 0 comments The Archivist

(The Library: Book Review) Castle Rock, Maine, USA is the location where Cujo, the St-Bernard dog, goes rabid after being bit by a bat. Published in 1981, Stephen King wrote this at the height of his alcoholism. I am reviewing this book but this revi...

The Théâtre des Vampires

21 Oct 2021 15 minute read 0 comments The Archivist

(The Library: Book Series Review) In "Le Théâtre des Vampires", the creatures of the night pretend to be humans, so they can act as vampires. "How avant-garde" would remark Claudia in her sophisticated manners. It is only through this lie that vampi...

Blue Eyes and Sand Dragons

10 Sep 2021 10 minute read 0 comments The Archivist

(The Library: Book Review) Dune, the series of novels, transports you onto another world: Arrakis. On this world, Paul Atreides will face challenges that will shake the order of entire civilisations. The novels are considered to be the pinnacle of Fr...

Words of Herbert, Eyes of Heisenberg

22 Aug 2021 6 minute read 0 comments The Archivist

(The Library: Book Review)  Immortality and god-like powers over the masses of cyborgs. Genetic manipulation, planned and forced sterilisation of the lower castes of the population. These concepts, and many others, are explored in this interesting...

The Dragon in the Sea

2 Aug 2021 4 minute read 1 comment The Archivist

(The Library: Book Review) When I decided to read what I felt was an important piece of science-fiction, I decided to look at some of the other works that the author had written. This is what led me to explore the Herbert section at the book store. A...


28 Jul 2021 4 minute read 0 comments The Archivist

(The Library: Book Review) Lord Of The Flies - War it seems, is as much a part of humanity as imagination is. We have already observed this concept here on this blog. Nineteen Eighty Four reminded us of the dangers posed by a permanent war effort. S...


28 Jul 2021 9 minute read 11 comments The Archivist

(The Library: Book Series Review) Lord Of The Rings - The Eternal conflict, raging from one era to another. Transcending the lives of men, dwarves and even the long lives of elves. That eternal conflict between the forces of good and evil is examine...

Fahrenheit 451

25 Jul 2021 6 minute read 6 comments The Archivist

(The Library: Book Review) That temperature, in the title, is the temperature at which book paper catches fire. I was recently reminded of that temperature when building a crypto-miner. I put the motherboard straight on a piece of cardboard and wonde...