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It is no secret that we have all been told watch those running for the presidency in 2020. There is a reason for that very statement. The ones running hard against Donald trump actually have the most to hide. Tom Steyer, an Impeachment crazed Democrat, has placed his name into the hat of the 2020 election. For those of you who have not heard of him let me give you a brief, very little known history.

In 2015, Tom Steyer ran a green group and his top advisors helped run a scam to influence energy policy in the State of Oregon. An executive at one of Steyer’s nonprofit groups received Hundred of thousands of dollars. Funny thing is, this so-called Non-profit was managing a hedge fund in order to influence law. He invested into the coal mining industry while Obama was waging war on it.


Steyer is one of the few Americans that was directly exposed in the Panama Papers Scandal which showed how these corrupt billionaires funnel money through hedge funds to enrich themselves by using little known loopholes and bribing officials. Steyer is one of the biggest donor to the crooked DNC, as well as, KILLER and criminal Hillary Clinton, Hussein, John, "LOGON ACT VIOLATOR" Kerry, and many other now known guilty criminals. The Energy & Enviornment Legal Institute,another watchdog group, published a report on how to buy the Democratic Party Lock Stock and barrel in order to protect his solar investments, by spending tens of millions of dollars.

In 2016,Tom Steyer, according to financial statements, donated $89,794,744.00. Steyer Pledged to donate $30 million to get democrats into congress with the specifics of impeaching trump before Trump even took office.

The Company empire which Tom Steyer has built, raises serious ethical questions on his character. I will let the ANONS do a deeper Dive then this journalist, but one can see the trail of corruption clearly shows why he is so vocal. The answer why he is so impeachment crazed, is he is going to face justice. Here is his empire:


The Steyer Empire

Fahr, LLC, San Francisco, California. Coordination center for all Steyer enterprises and subsidiary organizations. Those organizations are:

Center for the Next Generation: 501(c)(3) Policy development, social mobilization, dissemination.

Nextgen Climate Action: 501(c)(4) Opposition attack and political action committee.

Nextgen Climate Action Committee: Super PAC electoral power.

Nextgen Climate America, Inc.: 501(c)(3) Political development center.

Advanced Energy Economy, Inc.: 501(c)(6) Industry trade association.

Advanced Energy Economy Institute: 501(c)(3) Subsidy policy development and dissemination.

TomKat Charitable Trust: 501(c)(3) Private foundation, major giving.
TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation: 501(c)(3) Private foundation for children, natural food.

TomKat Foundation: 501(c)(3) Private foundation, small grants.

Beneficial State Foundation: (formerly One PacificCoast Foundation) 501(c)(3) Community foundation with related business income.

TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy at Stanford: Research and Development Institution

The Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance at Stanford: Research and Development Institution.


In conclusion, it clearly shows that those that scream and yell the loudest, are actually the real criminals that have the most to hide.



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