Time to Clear the Air

Time to Clear the Air

By Wolf2015 | The Liberty Blog | 3 Sep 2020



Do you know why Donald Trump was elected President? Do you not know why the people chose a businessman, who made a great life, to lead us? If you do not know this very simple answer, then you have not truly been paying attention. The Deep State is real, Twitter, Facebook, Google and the Lame Stream media are all a part of this propaganda push to control the free flow of information. Let us turn back the clock, Before “Q” and let us get you caught up.


It is a Known fact that Twitter and others are attempting to claim they are Anonymous, however, Anonymous is not a group, it is not an organization, Anonymous has no leadership, rather it is the freedom of Information as it was meant to be. Anonymous always brings facts, and asks questions, does this not sound familiar? This way you as an individual uses your right to freely research for yourself, this is how Anonymous grew. The Deep state version tries to corrupt your mind as this is the way it is, but those that truly know, understand that this is not how it is done. Let us give you a brief time warp to the past.





There are many that knew this cult was mistreating the people in their ,so-called,, church. We knew that women especially were the most vulnerable, and that if they decided to leave the church they were met with intimidation, and threat of life. Of course, the viral video of Tom Cruise was another factor, but I think that was the tipping point where many started to research for themselves, and Anonymous sent the message that we would be attacking Scientology. In the end the cult was no longer as rich, nor was it as profitable as it once was.




It is a well known fact that Wiki-Leaks arose to show the criminal activities that were going on behind the scenes. True this was low level diplomats, but it started to open the eyes for more to research for themselves as you were suppose to. Then all of a sudden the main payment processors for donations would not allow donations to Wiki-Leaks, however a violent Neo-Nazi group that openly demanded violence was allowed to receive donations. Enter Anonymous again





In Egypt there was a group of people sending information to individuals here in the United States to tweet on Twitter on their behalf of what was going on in real time. This touched so many of us. Without warning the Egyptian Government shut down their Internet, and because we all know that bad things can go on in the dark places, many members with the technical Know-how got a care package to their contacts in Egypt showing them how to turn back on their Internet, and that Dictator stepped Down.



So Did we Burn down buildings like Antifa? Did we comit Violence L:like Black Lives matter Terrorists? Was their a body count? We did then what we are still doing today as QANON we promote Unity, and our only weapons were a Simple Computer, An Internet Connection, and of Course a creative mind.


Now let that sink in.


Author, Veteran, Journalist, Investigator, Patriot. Determined to staying Curious as My teacher, who passed, always told me to do. Believe no one, Listen to everyone, but only trust what you yourself can verify with your own research. Never believe anyone

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