John McAfee's Bitcoin Play App - Is it worth your time?

I previously posted that John McAfee has launched an appJohn McAfee's Bitcoin Play, from which you can earn Bitcoin.  It is styled as a trivia game, similar to "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", with four multiple choice answers to select from.  I have played the game for three days, and here is what I learned:


Do your earnings carry over from one day to the next?

Yes, you simply add your earnings from each day as you continue to play games.


What happens after you use up all your lifelines?


Photo by John Torcasio on Unsplash


You start the game with 3 lifelines:

  • Skip question
  • 50/50 (takes away two of the wrong answers)
  • Extend time (gives you 30 more seconds to answer the question)

There is an option to refill your lifelines between each game, and surprisingly, I was able to refill any and all my lifelines after each game, up to 25 times per day!  There is no cost, other than being forced to watch another ad before you can resume playing.

Are the questions tough?


Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Some are rather easy, and some are tough, but I have noticed a bias of the questions slanting towards British celebrities, landmarks, and culture.  After playing a while, some of the questions are repeated regularly.  I think my longest streak was answering 10 consecutive questions.


Any tips and tricks for gameplay?

1. Because you are free to replenish all your lifelines, it makes sense to use them all up during each game you play.  

2. If you have a good memory, you should play frequently, because some questions are repeated regularly.

3. Google the tough questions immediately after you lose each game.

4. Keep the sound on, because I impatiently kept tapping the "next" button after correctly answering questions, and ended up selecting a wrong answer immediately after the next question come onto the screen.  

5. Become friends with some Brits, and play the game with them (see bias above).  ;)


How much can you earn per day?

From my experience, I have earned roughly 1,200 Satoshis per day (roughly $0.06/day at time of writing).  You can cash out after earning a minimum of 40,000 Satoshis (approx $2.00 at time of writing).  To complete playing 25 games in one day, it takes me roughly 40-45 minutes of non-stop playing.


Is it worth your time to play?

That depends on how much you value your time.  At my current rate of accumulation, it will take me about one month of playing continuously before I can cash out.  I guess it is an option for you if you need have some spare time on your hands (waiting in line for a cashier checkout, taking public transit, etc.)  Personally, I would not be playing this game much because it's essentially a Bitcoin faucet.  However, I do plan to see if I can successfully cash out.  


Thanks for reading this follow-up from my previous post!  I'll write an update to let you know if I was successful or not in cashing out.


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