BTC Daily Technical Analysis: Key Level to Watch at 17K / Short Opportunity on SFP & SXP!!!

BTC on all exchanges with all leverages, you must have the subscription to have this map, thanks to king fisher for sharing it, now we can see better a possible pump from 20K to 25K 



I so want to take a long but the snake has bitten me several times, now even when I see a rope I'm scared, (lol it reminds me of the snake), it's very hard to trade that one direction despite there being opportunities in the other, but in the bear market the sellers are very strong!!!

The DCA lessons and "the trend is your friend" are easy to know and apply, but psychologically it's something else, it can be very expensive and take years before taking them into action, the enemies are greed and confidence, simply to trade like an emotionless robot with discipline by respecting the rules imposed from the start before opening a position, with TP, SL and invalidation before SL or TP.

"The trend is your friend until the end when it bends" 





The dollar reminds me of BTC in December 2017 when it crash from its ATH at 20K, and also from its ATH at 65K in April 2021 and then a fake bounce in 2017 towards 17K a little lower than the ATH at 20K and in November 2021 at 69K just above the last ATH around 65K

Will the Dollar do the same distribution Wyckoff scenario as BTC after the rebound with or without UTAD?
If so, welcome to the bull market, but until then we will see the macro and the technical indicators to confirm! 







What it does when it pumps 👀 the liquidations of the longs in the south which pile up








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Trading The King of Crypto
Trading The King of Crypto

Technical analysis of bitcoin and the crypto market. - Cryptos are correlated to BTC. - BTC is correlated to the S&P500 - The S&P500 is the largest US market, it can be called the Bitcoin of the stock market. If we can follow the BTC price action we will be able to follow all the other crypto projects, when to buy and When to sell???

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