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By The Key | The Key | 13 Feb 2023

The modern technological world makes everything possible: now apart from the real life you’re living, you may as well succeed in the virtual reality.

Usually the Metaverse is owned by no one, and everyone at the same time: the tool builders, the software developers, world builders, artists, 3D modelers, game developers, users, investors, those are the owners of the metaverse.


Co.Meta is not like other Metaverses. It’s the first decentralized project that is giving the opportunity to every user to become the go-owner of the whole space.


What you can find on Co.Meta:

- Learn2learn educational projects

- Token farming and mining

- Digital autonomous organization

- Real estate offers and investment opportunities 

- Play2earn: games with earning opportunities

And many more!

How is the development process going?

The increased interest in creating new virtual spaces are encouraging developers and metacommunities to increasingly integrate the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) with Cineware to import files from other applications.

To develop virtual space models, Co.Meta developers actively use the import of Cinema 4D files through Datasmith, which can be used with files from Allplan, ArchiCAD and Vectorworks.

This approach has formed a great starting point for strong architectural renderings and rendering with Unreal Engine.

The developers are actively working on the metaverse - they improve the functionality and graphics every day to get an outstanding quality product.

Follow the developments on the telegram channel - we keep you up to date with all the processes!

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